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Many people ask - Disney Alice in wonderland favourite character?
Here is the answer: which DISNEY alice in wonderland character is your favourite? the choices are:The Mad HatterThe March HareAliceThe Queen Of HeartsThe Cheshire CatThe White Rabbit.

Many people are interested : How do you get those cool profile pictures?
We think that- Okay, so I'm new to Yahoo Answers and I really would like to know about those profile pictures. Everybody has this cute cartoon person. Do you make one?

People often ask - I was talent spotted by a scout... not sure if it was a scam...? help? 10 points!?
The answer is: I am from Australia, and i was holidaying in LA, at a shopping center. I was approached by a tall blonde woman who went up to my mum and said that she thought i was beautiful and wanted to know if i had modeled before. Mum said no, and the lady told us that she worked for a child model agency etc, and that she was interested in having me go to an interview.Mum said that we were leaving back to Australia in a few days and couldn't stay.she told us it was a shame and said to check out the website, she didn't give us a card, because we were from australia and probably wouldn't end up joining the agency. she just told us to go to the website, and it sounded like she said disney.combut we were just taken to the Walt Disney website that didn't have any model there an agency called disney? or sounds like disney that we might have heard wrong?please help, i am very curious!10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!I am back in Australia and interested in child modeling, just for fun. I am 15 :)

Camera problems. Its the biggest criticism of Warren Spectors just released Wii-exclusive Disney adventure, Epic Mickey. The system isnt perfect, Spector admits, but reviewers that considered it a serious flaw fundamentally misunderstand the game. Read More

Written by fellow Disney Mom dear friend: Dannöe N. Dannöe is a proud member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. She is not a Disney employee. The postings on this site are her own and do not necessarily represent Disney s positions or opinions.

The company topped earnings expectations by three cents a share, reporting profit of 48 cents a share for the second quarter. The bottom line was helped by Alice, which earned more than 962 million at the global box office. It was Disney s second-highest performing film in theaters ever.

People often ask - Whats your Opinion on the newer Cartoons ?
Here is the answer: I'm curious on your opinions on the newer cartoonslike on cartoon network, nick, disney any otherslike how do you see them as opposed to the older cartoons you might of watched when you were younger.heres my two cents :D (you don't have to read if you don't want to i really don't mind I really want to know your opinions though)I feel the newer cartoons (especially on cartoon network EX: adventure time,flapjack,chowder,johnny test, total drama island)They lack something that every old cartoona dark sidewhen you watch old cartoons like for the story, nearly every show has some kind of dark sidesome impure,twisted thing that even if it was the smallest thing you saw it in its impurity and could relate to it because it shown an imperfect side of the world you might not of lived through yetsometimes it would be as obvious as death,divorce,losing friends,going missing,getting lost,bullying, harassment,nonpsychotic and psychotic disorders, stalking, and fearand when I watch it (more so now since i'm 18) I can see the meaning behind it and it feels like it has a "soul" i guess you can saynew cartoons lack this "soul" by trying to make everything fun and sillyand having no base problems, or sometimes no problems at allI kinda realized this while watching Courage the Cowardly Dog, then watching Adventure time and Fairly Odd Parents and kinda saw a lack of somethingEven Rugrats and Ed,Edd N Eddy have that twisted dark side too itso what are your views?

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