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Students perform in Festival Disney Oswego East High students took part in Festival Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. The students took part in the Festival Disney Awards Ceremony. All

Many people ask : If u go to Tokyo Disneyland....................;do they have like the translators like they do at disneyland? what i mean is like when you standing in line for a ride, they have english first and then spanish at disneyland ca. well at tokyo, do they have english on there like for when u get on a ride?

Frequently asked questions - Old kids movie?
Here is the answer: I remeber an old kids cartoon. Basicallyh there is this little girl(maybe an orphan) some how she gets a flying horse or a pegasus. So they fly away to another place and she makes friends, I can only remeber this one boy. Anyway there is a spell or something that changed this place gray, and everyone turns mean. First the guy, then he turns back and the girl goes bad. I can't remeber much after that other than I had a doll that went with the movie. Thanks

Publishing will also relish Season of Enchantment with the gold color scheme being added to character art, castles, and tiaras. Books such as Disney Princess Treasury will be refreshed with detailing and all six princesses wearing gold gowns. A Princess Jewels program will launch in 2008, a concept that features the Royal Classic Jewels Collection, a collection of precious jewels and jewelry that have special stories.

At every tour stop, Radio Disney will invite kids to enter for a chance to become a Movie Surfer representing their hometown. Each Hometown Movie Surfer will get a chance to appear on Disney Channel by filming their very own Movie Surfer s segment! They ll also receive a prize package of exclusive Movie Surfer and Disney s A Christmas Carol gear.

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Here is the answer: OKay, so in my paragraph hook I said:Some enjoy the sound of waves racing to the shore, others prefer to meet their favorite Disney characters in real life- I on the hand imagine the perfect vacation as..BLAH blah blah.When I say - I on the other hand- Do I use the ' - ' or a comma? I might have more questions later. (:

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