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January 13, 2000 saw the death of Marc Davis, one of Disneys inner circle. Marc was a ladies man, in that he created women characters, Tinkerbell, Cruella De Vil and Cinderella.

Even as larger multiple system operators such as Cox Communications and Marcus Cable began to offer The Disney Channel on their basic tiers, Walt Disney Company executives continued to deny any plans to convert the channel to an ad-supported basic service, referring to the switches to basic on some systems as part of a five-year hybrid strategy; allowing providers to offer it as either a pay service or a basic service.

Become an expert at FASTPASS! This unique option at Disney allows you to go to bypass busy attractions and obtain a voucher to come back at a later time to go through the FASTPASS line and avoid the longer Stand By line. This could reduce your wait time from 90 minutes to 10! Its like scheduling an appointment for specific attractions.

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