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Popular questions - Poll-Who is ur favourite Disney character?
We think that: Mine is Mickey Mouse and Winneh The Pooh

Frequently asked questions : How easy is it to produce an ebook?
We think that- I've written a few children's cartoon books but I'm finding it difficult to get them published so I've been thinking about making them into ebooks but I don't know where to start. If anyone's got any ideas about how to do this and about the advantages and disadvantages I'd love to hear them! Many thanks.

Frequently asked questions : Opinion Hockey Questions?
The answer is: 1. Which 4 teams, 2 from each conference, would you like (or wouldn't mind) making the playoffs this year that didn't last year?2. If you had to pick, Who would you rather have play for your team and why?a.Todd Bertuzzi,b.Matt Cooke, orc.Trevor Gillies? (If your a Detroit,Pittsburgh or Isles fan, choose from the other 2 choices).3. Who is your teams Goalie and do you feel confident in him? What is something they need to Improve on?4. Now that Philly has not only Talbot, who scored the GWG to win the Stanley Cup in 2009 (Yes I deff. will remember this lol) AND Jagr, are you excited like I am too see the new Philly and Pens Rivalry? Do you think it's over hyped?5. Since Draper retired from Hockey, Now only 3 players from the former Jets team remain....Khalibulin, Selanne, and Doan, who is the youngest and stayed with the team his whole career. When do you think these guys will Retire?BQ* I tried asking this a while ago.....but I'll ask again. I was eating Pringles the other day and noticed how much the Pringles guy looks like former NHLer Lanny Mcdonald. What other hockey players resemble Fictional/Cartoon-like characters?

Popular questions : I feel I studied the wrong degree! Have I ruined my life?
The answer: I feel like I really messed up...I'm very depressed. I'm so afraid that I'm never going to be happy. What's worse, I am so afraid that I'll have to live my life knowing that there was some career that was perfect, I mean a career made in Heaven just for me, and that I messed up big time and now the door is closed forever.I'm beginning to think that I studied the wrong thing in college, and furthermore that there is some career that would have been perfect for me, but it would require a degree in something else.I have a BA degree in Spanish. I love the Spanish language and I DO NOT regret learning to SPEAK Spanish and I DO NOT regret being an exchange student in Mexico.However, majoring in Spanish was a mistake. I was an undergrad, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I was ashamed of not having a degree, which was a source of pressure. I decided I wanted to go to law school (another story) and Spanish was a writing intensive major. I graduated from college and landed a crummy job as an interpreter at some crappy law firm, and decided I never wanted anything to do with the legal profession again.Anyway, now I'm substitute teaching and it's hell. It's not a decent job, it's a crappy job. I never intended to make it my life's work, it's so disappointing.I should have/could have been a veterinarian, a commercial artist, a musician, an environmental engineer. I love animals, especially dogs and horses and love science. I draw all the time and people tell me every day that I should have been an animator for Walt Disney Studios. One of my Tefl trainers told me that I draw well enough to go work for Disney studios (I made cartoons as a visual aid for my students).I"m scared that I'm going to fail in life. I'm scared that the professions that are open to me at this point in life are things that I'm not talented enough to excel at.I got so disappointed with sub teaching and decided I wanted to teach English abroad. I just finished a Tefl course a couple months ago- now I'm certified. I'm also looking into getting certified to teach Spanish in Texas.I was really excited about going abroad, or to Texas, but now I'm scared I'm gonna fail. I'm scared that I'm not smart enough to be a teacher and that I'm not as capable as most people.I have faith in my trainers from the course but I feel badly about myself.I substitute teach every day and people have said, maybe not verbatim, but for all practical purposes that i'm not doing a good job. Today was one of those days where nothing seemed to work and the school administration said things that implied that I wasn't capable of managing a classroom.I was really excited about going abroad to teach English, but I worry that these terrible things that happened to me as a sub (the kids were out of control and nothing I said seemed to have any effect) set a precedent. I'm so scared that I'm not smart enough to be a teacher.I'm beginning to wish and wish I'd studied something else in college, but now it's too late. I would give anything to go back in time and do things differently but I'm 30 years old and have roughly $8,000 in student loans. Not to mention I have no idea how I'd come up with the money for a new degree.I get so frustrated when I go sub and the administration treats me like I can't do anything right because it makes me feel like I'm not competent. I wonder, what's wrong with me, everyone else is capable of managing a classroom.It's torturing me, thinking of how things could have been. I hate my job (sub teaching) and wish and wish I could go back in time and study something different. It's torturing me, I could have been a veterinarian or I could have been an animator for Disney right now. Who knows, I might have been a famous guitar player.I could probably go back to law school but I don't want to now.I wouldn't commit suicide because I'm not a coward, but this is torturing me and I'm scared it will haunt me like a ghost every day. How I ruined my chance of ever being happy. I've fallen into despair, and I cry myself to sleep almost every night.Have I ruined my life?

Many people are interested - Who will win the Academy Award 4 Short Film (Animated)?
We think that- The nominees are..."La Maison En Petits Cubes""Lavatory - Lovestory""Oktapodi""Presto""This Way Up""Lavatory - Lovestory" - I have found it, presumably all 9 mins & 39 secs of it. Kinda a simple black & white "Fido Dido" cartoon w/ "Family Guy" eyes & u only c colours in the flowers. Spectacular Russian-made film w/ beautiful endin'."Oktapodi" - I thought I was lookin' @ the trailer, but according 2 Wikipedia, the movie is that short - 2:27. Another love story amongst two mollusks set in Greece or something. It has the wit & charm of a Disney or Looney Tunes cartoon but also the 3D animation, illustrations, & music sophistic8d enough 2 b a Oscar nominee. Another splendid work of cinematic art. (Spoiler ahead.) When the C-gull snatched 1 octopus & the other one launched itself from the clothesline, I found that hard 2 believe it was "The End.""Presto" - Uh oh. What timin' that I went from that description in "Oktapodi" 2 a Disney/Pixar short cartoon. Walt Disney may steal the show if this may win the Oscar along w/ "Wall-E," which apparently I can c on the "Wall-E" DVD & not have 2 watch it on YouTube. But u gotta give "Presto" credit. State of the art animation w/ brilliant artwork & that old fashioned cartoon charm & comedy. & I'm pretty sure that doesn't look 2 much like the Trix rabbi so General Mill's attorneys can rest EZ. A good cartoon short, but I don't think a Oscar is necessary."La Maison en Petits Cubes" - There's only the trailer on YouTube. No review."This Way Up" - Same thing- just the trailer. According to the YouTube comments, you can download the whole film on iTunes. Thought about it, but I'm not that interested. No review.So which cartoon did you like? I take it u guys that saw "Wall-E" saw "Presto," 2? Who watched "This Way Up" or "La Maison En Petits Cubes"? The 81st Oscars take place February 22 on ABC.

Jeremy Hobson: Tangled - - thats what we call Rapunzel now - - comes out on DVD today. And Rapunzel is the latest to join the Disney Princesses - - which translates roughly to: A very lucrative brand for Disney.

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