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Questions for new users : When's a good time to start interviewing pet sitters and touring kennels?
The answer: We are going to california in 9months to go to disneyland, universals studios, the beach and a lot more and I am extremely picky on pet sitter even though I am 14 lol I want my dogs going to a nice kennel for they have 24 hour care and the cats and the rat and turtle to stay the night with them for the time were gone!But we don't know when to start interviewing pet sitter and touring kennels! I was thinking 4 months before we go to start looking and touring for we can make reservations! I have one kennel picked out they have live web cams to watch my 4 dogs and there a vet boarding and I like that because Sammy has asthma, Tony is sometimes scared of new people and Amber tourter people even thought she is not mean she likes to sit on your lap and growl at you and bite your butt lol I love her and Cooper well I just don't like that dog he is mean to my other dogs so hes my grandmas dog but I still love Cooper I just don't like him lolSo I need a vet and professionals to watch my baby'sAnd the cats (we have 3) need someone to stay here with them because they would destroy the house because they play all the time!! And for home security I want someone to stay here!So is 4 months a good time to look or should it be earlyer or later!I would have my cousin do it but he has a new baby girl and I would have my best friend do it but she is coming with us YAY~

Be sure to let us know if you add Disney s A Christmas Carol to your movie collection at home, and also be sure to share your own review of the film with us in the comments section.

People often ask - Is this a good conversation?
The answer: So lately I've been thinking about wanting to meet more guys where I work (Disneyland). All Disneyland cast members have to park in a Disney only parking lot and take a tram to the park and then back after work. I've seen SO many cute guys on this tram but haven't talked to any of them! Tell me if this conversation starter would work on them (keep in mind I don't know them, these would be strangers who just work in the park like me).Me: "Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what time it is. My phone ran out of battery!"Him: "Oh no prob, it's noon (or w/e time)."Me: "Thanks. Oh quick question, I see you work on Indiana Jones, do they have a fast pass for that ride? I forgot if they do. I'm thinking of going there tomorrow and I want to go on that ride first."Him: "Oh yes we do" blah blah blahI'll continue with a conversation after that about how he likes working at the park or w/e :D

For me, this Christmas Carol begs the question What would Walt Disney have done had he made this film? After all, his name is on it. Read more

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