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Popular questions : Who is your Favorite Disney Character of all time?
We think that: Simba from the Lion King!

Frequently asked questions - Disney....?
We think that: What is your Favorite Disney movie of all time and why?And...What is your favorits Disney character? It doesnt matter if its from your fave movie or not.Please only 1!

Frequently asked questions - Have You Ever Been To DisneyLand?
We think that: If you have been there, which one was it?Stars are welcome. Thanx :)

You can makes friends and interact with Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine. Each Disney princess in the game has a different story and magical world that is waiting to be explored. As you create your own princess character, youll be able to choose dresses, accessories, hair, skin tone, eye color and even her name. With beautiful levels to explore and exciting adventure elements, this is one game sure to please the princess in you.

The Little Mermaid is scheduled for an October 2005 release on DVD. In 2001, Disney launched a Platinum Edition line which includes their 10 best-selling titles on video to go on DVD. Every one of these films, comes as a 2-disc set featuring making-ofs and commentaries from the talents who worked on the movie. Needless to say it would also include a highly enhanced version of the film and sometimes even newly added sequences, such as is the case with Beauty and the Beast The Lion King. On the 1999 DVD release of The Little Mermaid, Disney did only little in restoring the films look; this time, theres much more to look forward to. Disney gives each one of the films a deluxe treatment, especially in the visual and sound departments.

Popular questions - How fix my "Friends" problem.... ?? (Read Below)?
The answer is- So I am a 14 year old guy & I am in grade 9. Just got in High-School. Here are a few of my teenage screw-ups & hopefully you guys can help me out (&Yes, Best answer gets points! :D) --::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1- How can I beat shyness & make some good friends...? So yea I am about... 50% shy! I don't like walk around with my head down... :P I walk around naturally! Like non-shy people would. But in the hallways I get like nervous to go talk to my friends :( Because theres so many people and there all use to quite me and other people will prob joke about it, That im actually talking, started it! -- I usally just eat lunch in the cafeteria with my friends, talking than I go to the library and be a geek I guess... even though I am pretty dumb lol :P (No, I am not a geek) anyway I have this new group of friends! I usually just sit with them in the lunch-room though and sit with them in all the classes I have with them. I actually can talk to them without being nervous though. I CAN start the conversation. But they came to me first, if they never started talking to me, I would of never been able to start talking to them! The problem is.... there religion is like Wiccan/ pagan/. & Atheist ... Mines CHIRSTAIN & there very religious about there religions ... :/ I wish everyone could just have a religion called "INDIE" Ha ha, be who we wanna be... But I really don't find I have much in common with this group of 8 friends! I feel like I got into the group! (There around 4 different "groups" in my grade... like - The wried science ones-The "Dark minded" ones, that are smart &&& The "Cool" ones that are nice, into sports, party-ing ect... &&& The nice ones, that are into cars, bikes, country music, reg music like 97.3 the wave, Rock&roll, and they are funny &&& Theres.. The ones that like ainime cartoon shows lol there interesting people haha idk how to explain them! they do stuff like these faces on FB -------- >.> O.o ^_^ lol .. &&& Theres the loser weridos.... ahaha that annoy you.... lol ) I feel like id fit best with the "Cool" kids OR the contry rock&roll type that are funny ect ... considering there awesome in my mind. :P But how do I get them to notice me .. I mean I talk to them every once in awhile there nice and everything but idk how to make close friends with them??? gr help please?? I don't know what to do... I dug myself in a hole to deep.. (getting with the wrong friends) anyway best answer gets points ... REMEMBER! :) shanks in advance!

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