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Frequently asked questions - How to make an avatar profile picture?
The answer is: i'm so new at yahoo answers and i don't know how and where to get the primary pictures(cartoon one)..tnx.. oh, and please don't laugh at me.

Many people ask - Disneyland paris of disney florida? for ride quality?
We think that: please do not answer if you have only been to one. Nobody ever goes to disneyland paris. they always go florida. i have been to both and was so dissapointed with ride quality at florida. Aerosmith has better theming in paris, on ride times are longer like pirates, thunder mountain, buzz lightyear, phantom manor and space mountain is totally different. paris is alot more relaxing as hotel is on doorstep and it isnt too hot, it is also cheaper and got all my favourites rides into 2 parks. I think people are missing out who have only been florida. hope people agree with me

Frequently asked questions : What's your favortie classic disney movie?
The answer is: Mine is probably Pocahontass or the Lion King. They don't produce movies in "drawing-like" ways anymore! Mmm technology has taken over lol. Well what's your favorite disney movie? =)

A more romanticized anecdote was that Walt Disney himself once encountered a family who left Disneyland early because they saw congestion building on the Santa Ana Freeway I-5 from the Skyway ride, an incident that committed him to producing a greater buffer from reality at future parks.

Frequently asked questions : Why am I cursed buy a bent fork?
Here is the answer- Every time I go out to eat. It doesn't matter where it is. A 5 star restaurant, or Denny's. Even a buffet in Las Vegas, or at Disneyland. You would think a places like that where they have thousands, and thousands of forks. I all ways get the one fork that is bent. You would think by now I would look at the fork first. But no, I wait for the food, and stick it in my mouth. That's when I realize it is bent. It is all ways one of the two inside prongs. One is all ways sticking up. I am now thinking of taking my own fork when I go out to eat. Why does this happen to me? Did I kill someone in a past life with a fork, and this is my punishment? Is this a sign of something bigger. Or am I just very unlucky with forks.

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