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People often ask - I jux want 2 kno how can i make a cartoon on youtube.?
The answer is: like i kno how to make it but i dont kno what web site to go to..

Frequently asked questions - What is your most favorite disney movie?
The answer- Im just curious..(:

Many people ask - Is this for real? Answer this please only if you are 18 or older..?
The answer- Okay I am 31 and when I look threw questions to respond to I get agitated because it is like a bunch of baby school crap. Kids that think the world is ending over a guy or girl who should I pick Yeah all know what I am talking about? Right... Do they think anyone can give them the correct answer hell I never met neither of them why would they ask our opinion when we never met any of em. Don't get me wrong I think this sight is a good peer site for kids to reach out, but other than that don't these children know the little things going on in school are not going to matter when they grow up! And I think everyone should have to start a question with there age, I know it would make it easier to answer the question if I knew I was talking to a kid or an adult like one I just replied to HOW CAN I GET MY BOYFRIEND TO FEEL ME UP. At first I started giving advice and then as I got further along I started thinking what if this is a 13yr old kid? So in that case why do you want to be felt up , go read a book or go to the arcade isn't there a cartoon you can watch on TV or something? I can not be the only person on here that feels this way.

Frequently asked questions - Any cool information about Disneyland???
We think that: I've been to Disneyland many of time, in fact I have a season pass. I know a lot of things about Disneyland that the average tourist wouldn't know. I was wondering if you know any interesting facts about Disneyland. Like there's a basketball court in the Matterhorn and theres a spike inside Sleeping Beautie's Castle that marks the geometric center of Disneyland. Any new information that you know? I'm taking my grandma there on Monday and i want to take her on a tour and sound like a 'Disneyland Buff'

This sounds like the fun part as Disneys imagineers brainstorm the concept for the attractions. Apparently the team spent a great deal of time on EBay collecting toys from the 1960s and 70s to see whether the could develop them into rides. Ultimately the decision was made to create a space in which humans are shrunk to the size of toys and a series of concepts sketched out. All kind of questions are asked at this point. So for Playland it What would Andys role be in the Playland? How would Andy have his toys? Which of Andys toys should the team focus on to build the ride? Eventually the team came up with three concepts they were happy with.

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