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Frequently asked questions : Will it be okay to take a 8 month old baby to Disneyland?
The answer is- My family and I plan an annual visit to Disneyland around August every year. I recently had a baby back on January 11th 2011. Will he be too young for his first time visit to Disneyland?? and also will there be any rides he will be able to get on that age? Please let me know...thank you!!PS I have checked the website for age requirements on rides there is no info, some personal experience will be better. Please tell me what you think! :)

For amateurs: Walt Disney Co. is planning an elaborate multimillion-dollar, 100-acre sports complex for amateur athletes in more than 25 sports at its Walt Disney World resort complex in Orlando, the company said. Disney officials refused to disclose the exact price, but the Orlando Sentinal reported the project could cost more than 80 million.

Ours have! We love Disney World and we believe everyone should get the chance to have that kind of joy, regardless of your health situation. We designed this site to support those with minor to major health issues, emotional conditions, special needs, disabilities handicaps. Our goal is to help you plan a safe, fun and comfortable trip to Walt Disney World! To learn more about who we are and why we do it, read about us here at Walt Disney World for Everyone.

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October 1: Grand Opening of EPCOT Center. Spaceship Earth is dedicated. Connecting to EPCOT Center is a new four mile stretch of the Walt Disney World Monorail System.

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