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Popular questions : Can someone help me find the name of a tv show?
Here is the answer- I remember watching a show that used to come on sometime after midnight on sunday nights about 4-5 years back. It was on cartoon network and it consisted of a bunch of different short sketches(no not robot chicken). One specific one I remember was claymation of an english kid talking to his dad about masturbating and how it makes you go blind.

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Seriously - what is there to say about Disneyland! Its the happiest place on Earth and everybody knows what to expect: rides and fun and caroon-characters.

After weeks of deliberation, the finals of the Disney Hottest Princess Contest are finally here! This tournament has seen ups, downs, surprises, tears, and more. At long last, we ve reached the finals, where one of our lucky princesses will be declared the fairest of them all!

In the 1980s the Disney princess was reinvented with the release of The Little Mermaid. While Ariel the mermaid does still marry her true love at the end of the movie, she is written as a rebellious and ambitious girl who plays a serious role in her own success. The enormous success of The Little Mermaid led to a tremendous revival, both for the Disney princess and the Disney animation department.

I ll go back to that wonderful castle at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Nobody would notice, but if you look up, and you would probably need binoculars to see it, on the turrets there are all these little gargoyles that are incredibly detailed. It s that kind of detail that singularly makes no big difference but when you add it up with a thousand others it combines and gives you a gestalt if you will that is irreplaceable; you can t duplicate the feeling sensorially that it taps into. You can almost walk anywhere in a Disney park and also Universal and look around and pick out certain fa ade or a certain area to focus on, and look at the detail in terms of colour shapes and design and its just phenomenal.

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