City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney fairies pixie hollow games, Disneys desktop stop.

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Frequently asked questions : Whats your favorite disney type of movie?
Here is the answer: i love the movie enchanted!!!!

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People often ask : Ok say this is not really a question but more of a discussion about what young children are learning!?
We think that: So I have 5 children in total. My youngest 2 are girls they are 11 months apart. About to turn 3 and 4 here in the next few months. My almost four year old goes to preschool and the baby is still at home. Now over the last few months I would say, my older daughter will break things of her little sisters or she will take things from her and of course the youngest will cry because she has been mistreated. When I come to the rescue I find that the older daughter is telling the younger one that she isnt suppose to be sad because she told her that she was sorry. Or vice versa the older one will get in trouble and she will cry and will continue to do so and tell me that she is going to keep on till her little sister tells her she is sorry for telling on her or whatever the situation was. (that sounds confusing but moms I am sure you understand) It seemed to me that either my four year old has misunderstood the concepts of forgiving, forgetting and apologizing. So it makes whose in trouble more difficult when this happens because they are both sad, in tears and misunderstanding. My youngest daughter realizes that her sister thinks that she can take or break anything that belongs to her and she is just suppose to stop crying when she does this. Okay to me this is wrong. Its kinda hard to explain to a 3 and 4 year old. . . .So just tonight I was working in the other room while the girls watch a learning show on the kids channel Noggin which is about the only thing they will watch. I just happened to be listening to the cartoon as it played out. A careless little boy intentionally damages things that do not belong to him, a toy train, a paintings, things of this nature. Of course the owners of such things who are also his friends tell him that they are mad at him and cannot forgive him for what he did and they no longer want to be his friend. (thats typical) so the bystander friend goes to the owner of said items and explains to them that because they are made at the little boy for breaking their things he is very said and explains to them how important it is to fogive and forget so they all do of course and continue to be his friends. Well this little boy is actually a repeat offender and the little girl continues to reunite everyone on behalf of the careless little boy. They actually have the careless little boy doing these things on purpose. So the moral was forgive and forget but no lessons are ever taught to the little boy who doesnt care enough to respect his friends who continue to be his friends despite what he does to them. Okay now this is very similiar to what my daughter is doing, ok well its exactly the same. When I talk to her about this she says her teacher tells her you are suppose to say sorry and when you do that makes both people happy. Now to me there is something wrong with this? You shouldnt teach your child to hold a grudge against their sibling for such a thing but again who is in the wrong the child who intentionally does these things cause they think the victim should hear "Im sorry" and then get over it. . .or . . .the child who holds the grudge? This seems like a tough topic but I am just curious to here the opinions of others because my young children are being taught that this is ok. When we were younger and someone accidentally broke your bike, okay they are sorry forgive them, the next time they do and its on purpose then it makes then a bully, the third time I would be holding a grudge! It seems like that this is the new way kids are learning because I though I misunderstood my daughter saying her teacher told her this but I just watched this and heard it with me own two eyes!So mothers (of more than one child) or teachers anyone who cares to comment I am interested in your thoughts on this one!

Walt Disneys Mickey Mouse is not just a great Mickey Mouse comic, its one of the best comics of all They did a seriously remarkable job putting it together, which is fitting considering how good the material Its a great collection, and one of the few that anyone who likes any sort of comics could and should pick up and enjoy. Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

Questions for new users - Good senior quote ideas?
The answer is: SENIOR YEAR!!! WOO! ha and that means I need a senior quote for the yearbook... Any ideas? What's your favorite quote? I was considering: "People can change their lives by changing their attitudes" but do you have any other quotes you like? I was also considering quoting a Beatle or one of their songs, or maybe quoting a Disney Movie :)Thank you so much!

Many people are interested : Movie suggestions please?
The answer- ok so i need some new movies to watch. suggestions please!my favorite movies areRobin hood (1938 with errol flynn)1998 ever after with drew barrymore2007 enchanted1953 the sword and the roseand all disney movies. suggestions for things similar to those?

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Mickey Mouse - Mickey Patine (1935) for more Expedition Everest Walt Disney World!

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