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If you are creating a sweet Disney princess bedroom for your daughter, one of the biggest changes you can make in her bedroom is a new comforter and sheet set. Theres a lot of Disney princess bedding available to choose from, so you can find sheets, comforters and pillowcases featuring them quite easily.

I have never seen this third ad ever before in all my years of collecting which, of course, brings up the question if there is even another version of the ad out there. The text copy in all three ads is exactly the same. Only the picture is different, said Jim. I wasnt even looking and just stumbled across the ad by accident which is how alot of new Disney history is being discovered these days.

In the 1930s, the elite promoted Disneys new cartoons. In 1935, Walt Disney received the French Legion of Honor for his Mickey Mouse cartoons.

A variation on this type of film was Disneys own unofficial sequel Make Mine Music 1946, its 8th full-length animated feature, that substituted pop music for the classics. Two of its most famous segments of ten animated vignettes were 1 Prokofievs Peter and the Wolf narrated by Sterling Holloway distributed with the re-release of Fantasia in 1947 as an update, and 2 Casey at the Bat. Another of the segments, Blue Bayou, was originally set to Debussys Claire de Lune and was intended to be included in Fantasia, but it was cut due to length.

Annual Passport: entitles guests to unlimited access to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom, plus complimentary parking.

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