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Popular questions - Universal Studios or Disneyland?
We think that: I'm visiting California with my girlfriend in a week and we want to go to one of these parks. I've been to both but havent been to disneyland for at least 8 years (im 20). I love Universal but I was wondering which park has more to offer. I dont know what new rides Disneyland has gotten or anything like that. Let me know which you prefer and why. thanks.

Frequently asked questions : Anime poll #46: If there was such a thing as AnimeLand (like disneyland), what would the rides and food be?
We think that: For example: disneyland has disney themes for there rides (REALLY?!?!). So what kind of theme would the rides be at anime land? if you had a ride like....half of the sacred jewel shard (inuyasha) spining around in circles would sorta be like the teacups. Or a Fullmetal Alchemist rollercoster?and for the food, instead of a mickey mouse head for a sucker have a Kyo (fruits basket) head XDStuff like that....Does this make sense to anybody? If not, im sorry, im running out of things to ask.Bonus:Do/have you play/played a sport in high school.Or if your younger than high school...Jr. High?

In 1930, Disney began the first of what would later be many Mickey Mouse Clubs, which were located in hundreds of movie theaters across the United States.

Disneyland Paris has very strict rules on the hiding of behind the scenes Disney. Photography and Filming is strictly forbidden in backstage areas. The edges of the Disney Parks are lined with ride buildings and foliage to hide areas that are not for the public to see. There are numerous gates that allow entrance into the Park for Cast Members, parade cars etc. When gates around the park are open, anything that can be seen through them is considered part of the Disney Magic. Therefore from the second the gates are open, all of the crew must be in character and in place to perform. As the complex is so big, shuttle buses take Disney Cast Members to different parts of the park via roads behind the parks.

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We think that: Adolf Hitler

A gallery of pix from Disney parks in California, Tokyo and Hong Kong. No Florida shots here but his photos are too nice not to include a link. 1 point

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Wonderful ! Walt Disney - Christmas Songs (Christmas is all around)

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