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People often ask : What's your favorite disney classic movie?
The answer- mines toy story (: what's yours?

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Many people ask - Rate your favorite disney princesses in order?
The answer: mine would be (in a particular order)1.Pocahontas!!!!2.Ariel3.Mulan4.Cinderella5.Belle6.Snow White7.Jasmine8.Tiana9. Rapunzel (maybe when i watch the movie shell be #8 LOL_)whats yours? in order of favoritism, of course!7.

The Walt Disney Studios has produced and released more 3D content than any other major studio to date and remains at the forefront in the continued innovation and development of todays most advanced digital 3D and Blu-ray technology, commented Bob Chapek, President of Distribution for The Walt Disney Studios. We are excited to offer consumers an incredible line-up of true three-dimensional films and footage that will revolutionize the in-home entertainment experience.

People often ask : Who is walt disney, i need to know.?
The answer is: Please answer fast

People often ask : Who will be crowned as Miss Walt Disney World 2007/2008?
The answer- Miss Walt Disney World is for you to choose your favourite Disney Leading Ladies....Choose from the finalist below and give a reason why you think she is the best..... the lady with the most fans will win Miss Walt Disney World....and the best answer given by the fan will receive 10 points. ( hey, its the only question ppl havent ask yet! so indulge me.)Here are our top ten finalist!#1 Miss Agrabah / Jasmine from 'Alladdin"#2 Miss Seven Seas / Ariel from 'the Little Mermaid'#3 Miss New World / Pocahontas from 'Pocahontas'#4 Miss Enchanted Castle / Belle from 'Beauty & the Beast'#5 Miss Enchanted Forest / Snow White from 'Snow White'#6 Miss Lost Empire / Kira from 'Atlantis'#7 Miss Dawn / Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty'#8 Miss Midnight / Cinderella from 'Cinderella'#9 Miss Wonderland / Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'#10 Miss Imperial China / Fa Mulan from 'Mulan'Choose your Winner! You can even put your fav top 3 Finalist!

The thought of going to Disneyland for a vacation has always been a dream for everyone - anyone who has seen one of their cartoons, those who have children, and the young and young at heart. People who think that Disneyland is just for children and those experiencing second childhood are mistaken.

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* Disney World * Packing Tips - Packing Toiletries

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