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Frequently asked questions - Do you think Walt Disney poisons young girl's minds?
The answer: I'm not totally against Disney. I love Disney in fact, Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie. But the idea of little girls believing that one day prince charming will come is just absurd to me. I mean I'm happy for you if you believe you've found "the one" but for so many women, that's just not the case. From a young age girls are led to believe the perfect guy will one day come and sweep you off your feet. It's the old fashioned way of thinking, we all know this. The man takes care of the woman. Man and Woman fall in love. Classic Leave it to Beaver scenario. But what happens when that doesn't work? They're let down. Disney movies just don't produce a realistic idea of life. I mean, I know it's just a cartoon but why not teach young girls that they can be independent? And strong? And hard working? And still be beautiful. That's a real hero to me. I would love to see them come out with a movie like that. Not something where girls have to be saved by a man.

Nope, all of these clips actually support the idea that the Disney brand associates Hitler with evil. Lion King came out waaaay after Disney died. That clip illustrates Scar the bad guy as Hitler the bad guy. The other clips are from cartoons that were played prior to movies during WWII - and they also illustrated support for the US and her allies during the war, and showed that the Nazis were evil. Didnt you watch the clips, Daw?

Popular questions - Who is your favourite character from Drawn Together?
Here is the answer: At first mine was Clara because she is drawn like the older Disney characters (eg little mermaid) and it was because she helped put 'sausage' on a delivered pizza...hahaBut now it is Toot because she is so disgusting and funny she makes a story with herself anywhere...but I have a soft spot for Lin Ling :P

Though I love these shorts, I was disappointed in the overall quality. The cartoons are not remastered and the sound, though listed as Dolby Digital Surround Sound, is too often muddy. My suggestion would be to bypass this release or perhaps rent it, rather than buy. Disney cartoons are meant for repeat viewings and with the less-than-excellent visual quality, youll likely become more annoyed with each subsequent viewing.

Questions for new users - What's Your Favorite Classic Disney Movie?
Here is the answer- 101 Dalmations is my fave...Robin Hood is 2nd.

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