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Many people are interested : Anyone remember this cartoon special from the 90s?
The answer is- So sometime in the 90s there was a cartoon special on tv. I'm pretty sure it was on for Christmas, but i don't think the cartoon was an actual Christmas themed story.So the basics of it was that the characters were anthromorphic animal-people and it was set in late 1800s early 1900s england. I think it's based off of a classic book but i don't remember. Basically it's the life story of the main character from his birth to adulthood. i believe his name was Davey, but I'm not sure. His mother was from a relatively rich upbrining so he had money as a child, no father ever present. He also loved playing the piano and read, but his mother marries this rich baron i think to give davey a father figure and he owned a cheese factory but he was very cruel. Eventually the mother dies and the baron takes over, and basically makes davey work in his oppresive factory that's run by child labor.The idea was that he was so smart from his upbringing that he helsp the children create these machines to make their job easier. There was also a plot about how the Baron ran experiemnt in the cheese factory and soemthing blew up and any workers covered in the experimental cheese stuff turned into these horrible ....goop monsters and were kept in the basement of the factory.I also vaguely remmeber Davey emt this girl named Agnes and she egts close to him. There was also something abotu him ahvign an aunt who dispised him when he was born because she wanted davey to be a girl but she doesnt really hate him and she's super protective of him when they finally meet. There was also some thing about a giant bird that the baron captures and he planned to cook it for a feast and they had to save it. There was a lot of strange things in it.But i believe it ends with Davey and Agnes blowing up the factory and saving the people who were turned into monsters because the goop cracked off when the sunlight touched them.I have absolutely no idea what the name of this cartoon was but if anyoen has ideas, or maybe even the story it's based off it'd help. I started thinkign about it and now it bothers me that i dont remember it.If it helps, i remmeber what soem of the animal cast were. Davey, his mother, aunt and agnes were cats. i believe the Baron was a tiger. The nanny who worked in the house when Davey was young was a mole. There was a guy who took care and fed the children in the factory and he was a baboon. He also had mixed friends in the factory but i only remember there was a rabbit he was usually talking to.Hope someone can help me out, I'd be so greatful!!

A Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures release of a Walt Disney Pictures and ImageMovers Digital presentation. Produced by Steve Starkey, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke. Co-producer, Steven Boyd. Directed, written by Robert Zemeckis, based on the novella by Charles Dickens.

The Illuminati Boston firm of Kidder, Peabody and Co. were the underwriters of the studios public stock-offerings. By 1940, the Disney Studio at Burbank had become a miniature city with 1, 000 men and women employees and 20 buildings on a 51 acre tract of land.

1955, Los Angeles Examiner collection. From Calif-Anaheim-Disneyland-Maps, Models, Illustrations file. Early model of the park.

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