City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney holidays in florida, Disney fairies pixie hollow games.

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Popular questions : Did Icarly make fun of the Disney Channel?
The answer is: I hate Icarly and the stupid Disney channel!!! But my little sister was watching Icarly and i was sortta watching and i saw that the Dingo Channel was copying icarly in the episode, and that the man who made the whole like Company ( Charles Dingo) was frozen or something, that's a lot like Walt Disney, don't you think?

Popular questions : Why do I get emotional when I watch my favorite movie ?
We think that- I know it may seem weird, but I get emotional when I watch my favorite movie (The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea) Its like, when I watch it I get emotional and start thinking about life and stuff but I get sad at the fact that its going to end. Ive always loved the movie and also water. (I know its weird) Maybe its the want to be a mermaid? (lol) Or the want for Walt Disney to make more movies of The Little Mermaid. I'm really not trying to troll but I'm just wondering .. :L

Entertainment and recreation atthe Santa Fe is on the whole in rather short supply. A small games room attached to the Disney Paris gift shop provides a small variety of machines for children and young adults. The gift shop sells the standard souvenirs you would expect to find in all of the similar stores throughout the Disney resort.

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The answer is- i am planning to go to walt disney world resort florida with my brother we are adults can someone tell me the whole cost of the package we are from india(we had arranged our flights so do not mention flight ticket) tell me that how much days will be good for exploring the whole disneyand we are expecting 7 days tell me about TICKET PRICE>ACCOMADATION(DISNEYLAND HOTEL ONLY/PER DAY COST)>FOOD(PER DAY COST)>TRANSPORTATION (FROM HOTEL TO DISNEYLAND) tell me that if we purchase ticket for 7 days shall we get discount and tell me that from that ticket can we go any ride or any show of disneyland means does the ticket contanis all rides(THEMES PARKS AND WATER PARKS) AND (TOMORROWLAND/FANTASYLAND/MAIN STREET USA) ALL IVE SEE ON INTERNET IS THIS TRUE TELL ME THE WHOLE PROCEDURE WHAT WE NEEDED TO VISIT THE WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT FLORIDA OR YOU CAN TELL ME ANOTHER DISNEYLAND WHICH IS BETTER THAN FLORIDA DISNEYLAND AND TELL ME THE WHOLE PROCEDURE TO VISIT DISNEYLAND FROM INDIA THANKYOU IM GOING IN APRIL 2010 ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I'LL BE WAITING FOR GOOD HOPES

Just came back from Disneyland for the weekend. We stayed at Desert Palms which has suites, refrigerator in room, pool, hot tub, and free breakfast that included scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, pancakes, danishes, oatmeal, juice, coffee, great deal especially for teens. However there are a lot of hotels within easy walking distance - some right across the street.

Many people are interested : Who wants to take this ''Superhero Trivia Quiz'' - The Sequel?
We think that- Superhero Quiz: The SequelBy Kris KendallGrab your cape, mask and utility belt -- it's time to jump back into action and test your wits. Go head-to-head with our diabolical quiz on all things superheroic. And remember, true believers, the heroes always face a bigger challenge in the sequel.1Who played the main character, Dr. Bruce Banner, in the 2003 film "Hulk"?a) Eric Banab) Bill Bixbyc) Lou Ferrignod) Edward Norton2Which one of these characters was not a founding member of the Justice League?a) Green Lanternb) Wonder Womanc) Hawkmand) Aquaman3Batman has battled many foes over the years. Which one of these supervillains has never tangled with Gotham City's favorite hero?a) Killer Crocb) Green Goblinc) The Jokerd) Poison Ivy4What color was Iron Man's original armor?a) Blue and whiteb) Greenc) Grayd) Red5William Moulton Marston created the groundbreaking superhero Wonder Woman in 1941. But what else did Marston have a hand in creating?a) The fax machineb) Waterproof mascarac) The lie detectord) Ms. magazine6Captain America's weapon of choice is:a) An enchanted hammerb) A shieldc) His fistsd) Special goggles that fire laser beams7What happens if Superman is exposed to green kryptonite?a) He can't flyb) He loses his superstrengthc) His X-ray vision stops workingd) All of the above8Mighty Mouse's catchphrase is:a) "Cheese!"b) "Shazam!"c) "Here I come to save the day!"d) "Up, up and away!"9Can you name the graphic novel that won the prestigious Hugo Award in 1988?a) "Watchmen"b) "Maus"c) "The Dark Knight Returns"d) "Casper the Friendly Ghost"10Some of Disney's cartoon stars did brisk business by moonlighting in their own comic book adventures. Can you name the first Disney character to get his own superhero title?a) Mickey Mouseb) Minnie Mousec) Darkwing Duckd) Goofy

After 40 years as a golf course architect, I m looking forward to this opportunity to contribute to Disney s rich and storied golf legacy, saidArnold Palmer. I ve enjoyed a lifetime of memories playing golf and it will be a great reward to pass that on to those who share a passion both for Disney and the game of golf.

Sort of permanent Worlds Fair, Epcot is dedicated to both international culture and technological innovation. World Showcase will take you to eleven different countries in one afternoon. You will learn about their culture, architecture, people, etc. Future World will give you insight to human achievements and show us how we can use our imaginations, teach us conservation, and more. Not far from Epcot is Disneys Boardwalk, a collection of restaurants, gift shops, and nightlife that is themed with the 1920s Eastern Seaboard boardwalk.

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