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Popular questions : Who is your favorite Disney Character?
We think that: Somewhere around 1939, someone in the Disney corporation had the good sense to hire an artist named Carl Barks to draw the Donald Duck stories for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. He also invented the Uncle Scrooge character as well as Huey, Dewey and Louie.These four cartoons are probably Barks's most well-known creations, but he also thought up Grandma Duck, Gyro Gearloose and my favorite Disney character, Gladstone Gander, Donald's unbelievably lucky duck cousin.Gladstone Gander represents everyone who dreams of winning the lottery. The only thing that was different between him and the rest of us was that he always won while none of us ever do.Gladstone's occupation consisted of doing nothing for a living. Work was beneath him. He was so lucky, in fact, that if he needed 50 bucks, a wallet would somehow find its way into Gladstone's hand with 50 bucks in it. God, did I want to be Gladstone Gander but, unfortunately, I was more like the hapless Donald.So, there you have it, a golden oldie from the 50s. Try to find an old Walt Disney Comics and Stories and take a look at a wonderful character that was, and is, probably one of the funniest comic book cartoons ever concocted.

There are many rides based on Disney classics Peter Pan s Flight, Snow White s Scary Adventures and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and several that spawned movies The Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bear Jamboree and The Haunted Mansion.

Sleeping Beauty and company will be moving to a new Disneyland hangout. Come 2013, the princesses will have their own storybook village, dubbed Fantasy Faire, to call home.

Rescue the whole kingdom in Disney Princess: Magical Jewels, an enchanting tale where players assume the role of a beautiful Disney princess. Its up to you to find the stolen jewels by solving fun puzzles and interacting with spectacular, fun-filled environments. Can you make your way through the beloved princess worlds and save the day before its too late?

Questions for new users - Celebrities and anime voice actors... what are they like in person?
The answer- I wondered if any people out here had met any anime voice actors, or regular celebrities, and what your first impression of them was as a person. I really like to hear other peopleís take on well-known people. Before you get into yours, Iíll go ahead and mention some of my experiences with celebrities and anime voice actors.Okay, for celebrities, Iíve met:Charlton Heston, who was very nice. I didnít know who he was at the time that I met him. I just knew he was an important figure in my dadís work.Mariska Hargitay, who was very gracious. I met her in Disneyland, after I started watching Law & Order: SVU. She was nice enough to allow me and my brother to take a picture with her.Jason Segel, who was a lot nicer than I expected him to be. Even when not speaking with us, he acknowledged us when we waved at him. He was another one we met at Disneyland, and was also gracious enough to let me and my brother to take a picture with him.Peter Facinelli, who told my parents that I was a good son. I asked him if it would be too much trouble for him to take a picture with my mom, because sheís a huge twilight fan, and he said it wouldnít be any problem at all.Jeff Foxworthy, who found it amusing how abnormal the names of my family members were.As far as anime voice actors, I have met:Tiffany Grant, who was very friendly and didnít have a problem doing her Kaorin voice from Azumanga Daioh. I felt really sorry for her. She skipped out on her lunch to give us our autographs. I almost felt like paying for her lunch myself when I heard that.Tony Oliver, who was nice, but for some reason intimidated me. It might be because he directed Power Rangers, and I was a huge fan when I was little.Stephanie Sheh, who was a little impatient, but I could understand why. She wanted to make sure everyone got their autographs who could.Chris Cason, who seemed a little embarrassed after he did a line from Negima! I assured him there was nothing to be embarrassed about.Michael Sinterniklaas, who I felt I tested his patience. After being gracious enough to not just sign one Dark Magician card, but all three of that I had (I told him he could just sign one if thatís all he had time for) I totally forgot about the one picture rule, and took two. But overall, he was very nice.How about you guys?

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