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People often ask : What could this disney movie be called?
We think that- Its a carton about a horse i cant really remember it but it was one of my favourites in the movie i think there were indians (not sure) and they tied this guy to a pole and next to it there were stables with horses in it.Also there's an anime with the same name as itThankyou for your help ^_^

People often ask : Making photographs look like cartoons. Can you help?
We think that: I'm in the midway development stage of my video game. I now need characters for my games, well more like avatars. I'm going to use the faces of a few people I know but inserting a photograph into a game won't really keep the same feel. How can I pixelate the characters in such a way to make them look like Nintendo graphics.

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Synopsis: The first of two features Walt Disney made at the behest of the Office of Inter-American Affairs, Saludos Amigos consists of four cartoons linked More

As part of your vacation package, you can let Disney do the driving for you with easy, convenient transportation between Disney Resort hotels, Theme Parks, Water Parks, the Downtown Disney area and other recreation spots throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Many people ask : What Disney movie should I watch?
The answer- These are all the cartoon Disney movies I've never seen. Which one should I watch tonight?Make Mine MusicThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadThe Sword in the StoneRobin HoodThe Rescuers (Well, I've seen it, but not since I was like three)The Black CauldronThe Great Mouse DetectiveThe Brave Little Toaster (To be honest, I've been putting this off after I heard three friends' stories of how this movie scarred them for life)Oliver and Company (Like Rescuers, seen it, but not in ages)Ducktales the MovieDinosaur (Yet I've seen that preview enough times to add up to the legnth of three movies)Treasure PlanetTeacher's PetThe Princess and the FrogWhich one would you suggest?

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