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Cheap Hotels in Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris is the popular European incarnation of the famous Disney theme park model. In fact, according to the

Popular questions : I'm not quite sure how to get money to go on my trips!?
Here is the answer- i'm going into eigth grade next year. and this year we're going pretty much everywhere. all the amusement parks like six flags, disneyland, knott's berry farm with the show choir. then all together we're going to washington d.c. and six flags again. i completely doubt that i will be agle to go to all of them, because my family has kinda run out of money....i don't want to ask my parents to pay or anything, i mean it would feel wrong...even if i can't go to almost all, i at least want to go to disneyland. disneyland is a special place for me and i miss it and i just gotta go back. so far i got $30 of my own (that was just going around my room looking for coins XD). a ticket into disneyland is about $80, not to mention food and such. i can get a meal for $15 and that's all i really need. i woulld like to get some sort of souvenier so i can have disneyland with me always, but if that's not possible, then so be, all together i need to get $65 in order to go. i have been thinking of selling my art. but i'm not quite sure how. i don't think my parents will be all open to letting me sell stuff online...oh, and setting up a booth at school is out of the question. i mean, you can make a LOT of money doing that!...but the only way the school wants you to is if you donate it to a charity, which i completely understand....but please, help! i know i sound kinda selfish wanting to raise money to go to disneyland when there's so much worse things going on in the world, but you have to understand how much i love disneyland and this trip is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. we would get to go backstage at disneyland and perform and that would be a complete dream come true, so please help me. thank you <3

Frequently asked questions - Why I am I being told to stop writing my novel?
Here is the answer: I have been working on a novel that takes place at Walt Disney World, and it's very interesting to those who I've let read what I have so far. It's about a girl who meets these two boys at her Disney hotel (who are, in actuality, characters from an old cartoon) and becomes good friends with them. She soon finds out that the Disney villains have been plotting to kidnap them so that they can use one of them to pull the sword from the stone. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (who has been appointed to watch villain activity in and around the parks) finds out and recruits her and the Recess gang from Disney's Recess to stop the villain's plot and save the boys. It's actually got a bit of violence in it, and so far it has been applauded by friends of mine and my family who have read it, however several of them are telling me to quit writing it because they think I'm copying off of Ridley Pearson's Kingdom Keepers books. It's a completely different story from my own imagination, and I don't believe I'm copying Mr. Pearson. In my story, the real villains and the real Disney characters are roaming about the park during the day when guests are in the park, but they easily fool the guests by getting them to believe that they are just the Cast Members that greet people around the parks dressed up as characters.Why are people telling me to stop? It's a really good story, why would they tell me to stop? It's so negative of them!

People often ask - How do you feel about toddlers and TV?
The answer: I've seen all these studies how TV is bad for toddlers and how it basically makes them grow up to be stupid. Its hard to put to much faith in these studies since they can be so easily manipulated. I'd like to know some parents opinions on this. My daughter is 2 years and 3 months old. She absolutely loves Sesame Street. I've been guilty of putting it own just to keep her occupied so I could get a break. She doesnt really watch cartoons or other shows but she can sit there and watch Elmo and Abby as long as I let her. The cool thing is that she is learning from Sesame Street. She says the alphabet when they do it and likes to say the names of the letters, numbers, and colors that she sees on the show.....She probably takes in about 3-4 hours of tv a day along with plenty of play time outside....We usually take her to the neighborhood park or take her walking every evening....So whats your opinion? Are these "studies" worthless like the ones that say playing violent video games turns you into a murderous psychopath or do they have real merit?

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We think that: In a week or two, I'm going to London. This may sound fun and all but I really and not looking forward to it because:-My family are very emotionally and occasionally physically abusive towards me. They always make fun of me and make me feel like less of a person. They have used sexist comments toward me and tell me to do stuff because I'm a woman. I get very good grades and they treat them like nothing and instead focus all of the attention on my horrible brother.-My family is trying to plan every single day of this vacation. They are making a "schedule" and are being hyper about what to do, etc.-I'm really afraid of terrorism and plane crashes. I'm terrified of dying on this flight or dying in London due to some terrorism thing or something.-I'm leaving behind my boyfriend and my dogs. They are my best friends and my life is very lonely without them (yes, I know I'm sad).The last family vacation we were on was horrible. I stayed in the room the whole time and watched Spanish Cartoon Network. I was really depressed and I paid a lot of money so I could talk to my boyfriend on the computer. I know I kind of made myself all depressed but I really didn't want to be around my family. Also, I am kind of scared of making friends on vacation because I am really socially awkward.How can I stay home from this vacation? I really don't want to die in a plane crash. If I go to London, what can I do there that can keep my family out of my way?

I have an blouse red and white polka dot point, a black tunic dress, ears of Disney store, and red ballet flat. What should I use for: Socks red or black? Black turtle neck under her blouse cold? Hair curly I was thinking? Makeup im 13? Please answer soon. Shoes ballet flats red or black black is comfterble. In essence red stockings, which already has a coat of black. Yes, you should use a black-neck jersey is something you are using, but you make it too obvious. Curly hair is adorable. Makeup eyeliner, maybe, but nothing too heavy, we re talking about a Disney character

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