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Especially for kids, character greetings are one of the most exciting reasons to visit Disney World. Kids and adults alike can give hugs to, take a photo with, or get autographs from many of their favorite Disney characters. Some kids like to bring or purchase a special autograph book in which the characters can inscribe their names.

The biggest flaw in this is that it makes a 45-year-old man cry like a child every time I watch it. My opinions on Disney movies vary - - some are good, some are almost unwatchable - - but Beauty and the Beast is the best work the studio has ever done.

Questions for new users : What is your favorite cartoon character from Disney ? and why?
We think that- Tinkerbell- cause she is sassy!

A podcast hosted by Joseph Carter bringing you the latest news, rumours and special feature all about Europes number one vacation Paris. This week we have a special feature with our new co-host Steve Riley and we discuss our Top Ten Disneyland Paris Rides.

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The Matterhorn Bobsled Rides from Disneyland appear in the game as Mickeyjunk Mountain, a garbage dump where unused Mickey Mouse merchandise goes to rot. Every piece of junk that ever had the mouses ears slapped on it is there, including an Easter egg for Disney park historians: the basketball court. The true story is that at one time no longer, however, Disney employees actually set up a basketball half-court in the top of the Matterhorn ride, where they could play during breaks without park guests knowing. You can find it in the Mickeyjunk Mountain level by the Mickey greeting card.

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