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You wont have even a small Disney wedding for less than 3500, but that doesnt mean you cant grab some fairy dust anyway. Hold your reception nearby, then pile into the Magic Kingdom for a mad Hatter tea party brunch or a festive evening taking in the Electrical Parade.

The Walt Disney Companys venture of Euro Disneyland is an excellent source of study, training, and learning for human resource professionals involved in possible foreign expansion. Although Euro Disneyland is located in Europe, the lessons learned and experiences gained can apply to any country on the globe. For example, the Walt Disney Company failed to properly understand the eating habits of the Europeans. The lesson learned is that any meal providing company contemplating expansion into any foreign market should be intensely indoctrinated on all aspects of the eating habits of people in and near that country. On the other hand, not all lessons learned are based on Disneys negative experiences. The human resource professional could profit by studying the methods used by the Walt Disney Company and the French in their integrating different risk management procedures into one, resulting in a far superior program. The astute human resource professional can learn from this process and apply these newly acquired skills in similar situations anywhere in the world.

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The answer is: Their is Iridessa, Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fairy Mary, Fawn and Queen Clarion! Mine is Rosetta!I know it is sort of a dumb question, but I am bored! lol! })i({

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