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Most little girls dream of being a princess which is part of the attraction of the Disney Princesses. Here you will find some lovely Disney Princess posters which the little girl you love will absolutely adore.

Frequently asked questions : What are your favorite Disney movies?
We think that- mine are Aladdin and Toy story and the little mermaid :)what about you?

Since the city is unincorporated a neat Disney trick the mayor is appointed by Disney. Several Disney quasi-government bodies control citizens of the city. For instance, the Celebration Residential Owners Association, which participates in binding all residents to a Declaration of Covenants, a legal binder of rules that residents must live by. Of course the Declaration of Covenants was written by Disney. These rules include such nit picky things as, no more than two people can sleep in the same bedroom, no pickup trucks can be parked in front of homes, and if Disney officials dont like your cat or dog they can forcibly remove the animal from your home. Disney Corp. has perpetrated numerous deceptions on the residents, incl. shoddy work on their homes, and operating their public school with Disney cronies. Still, the residents that have moved into Celebration are glowing with praise for the town in spite of the fact that the city is totally run by Big Brother Disney Corp. Of course those who dont love it, soon leave. So much for the American tradition of self-government.

Frequently asked questions - HELP I HAVE PROBLEMS?
The answer- i see no point to life anymore, i once had evrything but do to a turn of events i've lost it all and i've ben doing evrything to get it back but it's not even at least geting thair, the way the contry i'm in works it's imposibul for me to get it back, to get back the life i once had, i have no future to look forward too, no ambisions to chase, no events or clubs that have the same hobby as me, no frainds who share any intrests that i have, i can't find anyone or any orgenazation who beleaves in the same stuff i beleave in not even a religon, i'm sheltered in a house all the time unable to go anywair, unable to see any fun events, no responsabilletys to fuffil, no one to hang out with, unable to even just biuld apon a future, all i have to do all day is wake up sit around bord then go back to sleep, that's all i have to do all day evry day and the school i go to is no help at all cuzz thair's no activetys and no one has even hered of stuff i like (never hered of it yet they 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Questions for new users - Have any of you ever been to Paris? If you have is Disneyland Paris any fun?
We think that- I've been to Disney World and a couple of the Disneylands... but never to the one in Paris...

People often ask : How do i effectively stop my sons misbehavior?
The answer is- my son is 18 months old and has started the terrible twos early, screaming fits, smacks his head on the ground if you tell him no or make him do something he doesn't want to. I don't know if i should give time outs or what to do? i ignore his tantrums, but they just progressivley get worse. I keep him plenty entertained- we color, run, go to the park, whatch cartoons... i just dont know what to do anymore

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