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I grew up a child of the 1970s, and was riveted to The Hardy Boys - The Mystery of The Applegate Treasure in reruns of The Micky Mouse Club which were airing on a local station. I would tune in daily, and I think they only showed The Hardy Boys serial once a week it was originally shown three times a week and I still recall the stir of excitement which I felt when they skull and crossbones came on screen of the Hardy Boys introduction. By contrast, though I faithfully sat through The Mickey Mouse Club each day, it was always a little feeling of disappointment when the show aired without a Hardy Boys installment. Anyway, all this is one of the few of my early television memories which I have not been able to revisit until now I dont have the Disney Channel.

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With some of the biggest names on television today having started their acting or musical careers at Disney, its no surprise that many parents are on the lookout

Popular questions : What do you think of this email I'm sending to my crush?
The answer is: About Winter Drumline practice."Hey!I guess I was zoning during practice, and I don't know when we have it next. I thought (teacher) said something about Tuesday, but not Wednesday...? Anyway, I got confused. When do we have it? I know we have Disneyland on Friday, and we have practices for it. Sorry- you're probably not a human calendar, but I figured you might know.And... yeah. Haha. Thanks!(my name)"What do you think of it? What's the impression?

The name Mickey Mouse is synonymous with anyone whos a fan of Disney; he is, after all, the character that put Walt Disney on the top of the animation world and stay there for Read more

Many people ask : Vacation in LA in December! Tips and advice?
The answer is: So I'll be going to Los Angeles, California, for the first time on the 27th of November to 11th December. I'm wondering, what will the weather be like and so what should I wear? We'll be visiting places like Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo(maybe) and Universal Studios. (i have a younger brother so he likes those kind of theme park things, but i'm fine with them too). Are shorts okay? Denim jeans? Or will they be too hot? What sorta shoes will be appropriate? And other than Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue, what other awesome, must-go shopping areas are there? I've never ever been to LA, so I don't know what they have there! Where are the Abercrombie, Hollister and AE stores, too, if you don't mind?Oh, and which hotel should we stay in? It's me, my 12 year old brother, my mum, and my dad. We want something near all the places we're going to, so price doesn't really matter as long as they have great service and good location! A few options would be great!(:What else should we do there, and what other must-see places?Oh, and what car should we rent? Just wondering(:Please help, I'll love you forever!

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