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I enjoyed this book and all the intricacies it points out about the Disney Conglomerate. Sometimes a little tangled and overdetailed, it examines the business aspects of the Disney Corporation. Not at all an expose of actual park practices, this book deals with the big business of urban planning, politics, and scuffle over Orlando public funding. Well written for a complicated topic.

Frequently asked questions - Can i still work at DisneyLand?
The answer- Im going to be going to college but i REALLY want to work at DisneyLand as a part time job. Do you think i'll have time (I'm planning on going to UCLA), and do you think being a college student will ruin my chances?

One key point to remember when looking at Disney Princess Costumes could fall into the accessory department or simply be something to remember to make any costume pop, and thats hair. The hairstyles worn by the princesses of this magical world vary from era to era. Cinderella has a complete different hairstyle from Jasmine, and Snow White is much different than Aurora, and attention to detail here is key. Wigs can be utilized, or a hairstyle can be generated to fit the design and overall authenticity of the dress.

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