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Disneys Mickey Mote works with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes the Discovery Mode feature an interactive Watch Play feature on the DVD. All parents have to do is program the remote control theres an easy and quick set-up guide in each DVD and select the Discovery Mode feature on the menu screen. Within minutes, kids will be easily able to respond to questions about scenes they just watched by pressing one of four color-coded buttons on the device a yellow star, green circle, orange triangle or blue square to click in their responses. Discovery Mode features include two levels of play, which provides more challenging questions as the child grows. To date, there are more than 13 Disney Preschool DVD titles for parents to choose from that can be used with the remote control.

Frequently asked questions : Am I wierd? Should I be proud of being myself or wish I was different?
The answer is- I seem to know nothing about what's on TV. I know who the major celebrities are, but I don't care what they're doing and am completely disgusted by it when people are interested in who they are sleeping with and stuff like that. With TV and movies I tend to be more selective about what I watch than other people. And I can't stand blood in movies. I don't mind if actors have fake blood painted on them for a sense of realism, but I don't like gratituous violence, where you would actually see blood gushing out of people.I really like the art of illusion. Like magic illusions and card tricks, which I practice sometimes. I'm also really into the technology they use in theme parks to make things seem real. I know all about the rides at Disney World and their history and how all of the special effects work, and I would love to imagineer for Disney.I like watching sports sometimes if they're on. I know the names of football and baseball teams, but I never know who won what games because I never go out of my way to watch sports. I'm in shape, but I jog and work out but don't really play team sports, because I'm not that competitive - I just like doing my best.I love music, but I'm not really into the mainstream stuff. I like some songs by certain rock and roll groups, for instance, the Beatles, but in many popular songs I don't like the messages. I feel ignorant of most modern artists and if someone comes up to me and says, for instance, "have you heard Vanilla Twilight?" I don't know what song they are talking about. I go to church, but I don't like Christian Contemporary music as much as other people do - I think hymns have better music and lyrics and are more meaningful. I'm really into movie songs and music and I play the piano, usually inventing my own versions of songs I like. I'm really good at improvising.I like reading, but I haven't read the stuff that everybody else is reading, like Twilight - my parents wouldn't let me and they monitor closely what I'm reading. Twilight doesn't really sound very appealing to me, but there are a lot of books I would like to read that I'm afraid my parents wouldn't let me read.Sometimes my parents accuse me of not reading enough, because I find that I can't take in what other writers have to say when I'm writing a book myself. I've done a lot of fantasy writing. I like to write stories around amazing things I would like to do. Next I want to write a book called "The Butterfly Dream" about two teenagers who have spent their entire lives in virtual computer simulations experienced through stereographic goggles and special sensory suits - until they escape their suits during a power failure and flee from the science lab they find themselves in to discover the real world.I like video games. I'm better than most people at them and I've beaten games that most people find so hard they would just give up. I'm incredibly persistent and never give up on something once I start. But I don't seem to play any of the games that other people play. I like games that really present challenges that make you think. Some of my favorite games have been parts of the almost completely obscure Frogger series.I just never think about the things that other people think about. I don't have much in common with other people. What do you honestly think of me?

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If I am not staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel or Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel, how should I get to the race start? Guests not staying at a host resort will need to provide their own transportation and those driving personal vehicles should park at the Mickey Friends Parking Structure. Standard parking fees apply.

Poccahontas was a native Indian princess, Kida definitly got ripped off she SOOOO deserved the Princess title I wonder abotu Gisele she was a Disney princess. BUT she was real life for a huge portion of the film although Rapunzel is CGI which was unlike the other princesses so I think Gisele should totally count!

As part of your Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, be sure to make time for a visit to the Disneyland Theme Parks. Take advantage of specially priced theme park tickets available only to Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend participants and their family and friends. These specially priced tickets must be ordered in advance by calling the Disneyland Sports Travel Team at 407-WDW-IRUN.

Americans do not have to be in the management training program. To go to work at Disneyland Paris you must be between the ages of 18-26. There is also another program where Disney sends American managers to Paris to work, and I believe you can be older than 26.

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