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I guess they thought I was the right guy with the right idea with the right game to bring him back, Spector said of his role to resurrect Walt Disneys most valued creation. Honestly, the hardest part was just the massive amounts of information we had, he admitted. Disney threw open the floodgates. We had full access to all of the Disney archives.

Great way to put it all into context, Ryan. Walt was the reason I got into design my first book besides Curious George, of course was a HUGE coffee table book on Disney, back in the early 70s.

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14kt yellow gold Mickey Mouse adjustable necklace with enamel. Necklace adjusts from 13 to 14 to 15 inches. The childrens Enduring Enamels Collection is a must-have for girls of all ages. The intricate 14kt gold and handcrafted enamel designs bring to life classic, timeless Disney characters. These fine works of art are presented in a collector keepsake storybook box to create a dramatic presentation that showcases the magic of Disney, drawing her into the jewelry just as she is to a classic Disney story.

In the early days, Disneyland Paris had many problems to overcome. It has now successfully overcome all of the problems that it had in the early days, and has become one of the top tourist spots in France. Disneyland Paris holidays have been enjoyed by millions since the park opened in 1992. The idea of

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