City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney land mickey mouse, Where is the best place to stay in disney world.

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This offer is available in one of the Disney hotels per arrival date. If this offer is not available on your requested hotel or travel date, please select another hotel or another date. Valid for one adult package with minimum of one paying adult per room booked. Up to maximum occupancy of hotel room. Proof of childrens ages under 12 on arrival date will be required at check in. Transport and insurance are not included. Options are charged for children aged 3 and above, except for free options where described. Terms and Conditions apply: please see for details.

Frequently asked questions - I was not allowed to participate in my 8th grade promotion is that fair?
We think that: The day before promotion the school takes all the 8th graders to Disneyland. well, before the bell rang for us to go to class i found 80 dollars. I agree i'm STUPID to not turn it in, but anyway we get to class we all talk then we load the buses. well nobody saw me pick up the money. (at least thats what i thought) but i get on the bus and i get a text saying "I think you have my friends money" so i said "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok" but i wasn't sure so i asked her questions. (i found the money in a little blue purse) I asked if it was in a pouch. she said yes i asked her how much. didn't answer. so i asked (lying) was it in a pink purse?. and she responded yes in a pink and green striped purse. so of course she was lying. so when we finally arrived a disneyland. the so called actual belonger of the money approached me and said i think you have my money. i proceeded to ask her questions. like what color was the pouch, she said bright green. how much she had lost she didn't answer all she said was it was my baby sitting money so i said well if i find out who took it i will tell you. so ididn't give it to her. my principal found out at the end of the day and said that she had some people saying i had originally STOLE it FROM her like actual pick pocket. so they didnt allow me to participate in 8th grade promotion. i still graduated just not like walk across the stage thing. do you think thats fair????????

Mickey Mouse was brought to life in Walt Disney s imagination in early 1928 on a train ride from New York to Los Angeles. Walt was returning from a meeting where his cartoon creation, Oswald the Rabbit, had been taken from him by his financial backers. Walt who was only 26 at the time already had a active cartoon studio in Hollywood, and he had gone east to arrange for more money and a new contract and to improve the quality of his Oswald pictures. Unfortunately the moneymen declined his request, and since the character was copyrighted under their name, they took control of it. Walt revealed later that Mrs. Disney and himself were coming back from New York on the train and he had nothing to tell them back at the studio besides the fact that he had lost Oswald. He knew he had to have something he could tell them. He had this mouse in the back of his head because he felt a mouse is a sympathetic character in spite of the fact that everybody s frightened of them, including Walt himself. So he spent the return train ride coming up with a little mouse in red velvet pants, named Mortimer, By the time the train screeched into the terminal in Los Angeles, the new dream mouse had been born. Walt s wife, Lillian, thought the name Mortimer was too proper and suggested a simpler name like Mickey. And there on that train a star was born!

From the inner sanctum of Disney s Burbank campus to the most remote corners of the world, the sight of a large circle topped off with two smaller circles is immediately recognized as Mickey Mouse. Indeed, that trio of iconic circles

Frequently asked questions : Do you think they should have made a TMNT/Sonic Satam Crossover?
The answer is- Okay, Call me a retarded nerd but... I've been watching these 2 Shows, That 1987 Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this 1993 short 26 episode Sonic the hedgehog Show, After watching all the episodes in BOTH shows I just knowticed that they have alot in commen, you see Dr Robotnik's robots, the SwatBots, they remind me of Krang and Shredder's Foot Soldiers Ninja Robots, and the Technodrome reminds me of the Death Egg created by Robotnik. The episode "The Void" Reminds me of the Portal in the TMNT show. The Ninja Turtles likes Pizza and talks about just as much as Sonic does with chili dogs, now this is from that "Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog"Cartoon. Scratch and Grounder reminds me of Bebop and Rocksteady, I've always wondered who'd win in a Civil War between Krang and Robotnik. Well I have a question! Do you think it would have been ok if they made a crossover? This is how, During a fight in the Technodrome the Turtles and Splinter had agains't Krang Shredder and the Robots, Rocksteady and Bebop accidently opend a Portal sucking everything in it, It sucked the Technodrome along with everything in it into the planet Mobius 5 Miles away from Robotropilis(I mispelled it) While the Turtles and Splinter escapes their right in the planet mobius, meanwhile a Hoverpod analyized the Turtles and went back to Dr Robotnik and reported. Krang gets the idea of trying to conquer the planet Mobius, by opening a huge portal big enough for an entire Rock Soldier army to storm into the planet, As Krang sends his Troops all over the planet to conquer it and cause distruction, Dr Robotnik fights back by sending an entire Swatbot army after them, the Rock Warriors couldn't break through their defenses, meanwhile the Turtles and Splinter realize the War that's going on, The Turtles and their rat master trys to sneak into Robotnik's Fortress in the back. And yes Sonic and his Freedom Fighter freinds are involved in this, Could the Turtles stop this massive War and get back to their home planet? Or will Robotnik win the war and take over BOTH Krang Shredder, The Technodrome, AND Dimension x? OR will Krang takeover Mobius and rename it after himself?So do you think this is a good crossover? If you ask me I think it's kinda insane and will take alot of work to make. And it is preety epic but i don't know. BUT if you're an Classic 1987 TMNT fan and a 1993 Sonic fan you would know this by now.REMEMBER!!! I'm talking about the OLD classic 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the 1993 Sonic Satam Cartoon.PS:PLEASE ANSWER AND GET SERIOUS!!

Frequently asked questions : How do i create a cartoon trailer?
The answer: i was wanting to know because there really fun to make

Many people ask - Do children under 2 still get a park hopper ticket?
We think that- We will be traveling to disneyland tomorrow with a two year old. We were wondering if children under three still get an actual ticket because for rides like buzz lightyear, there is the option of getting a fastpass but you have a park hopper ticket to get it.Any help will be appreciated! Thanks

Many people ask - Why do friendships hurt so much?
Here is the answer- I remember having so much happiness with friends as a child. I still need that happiness with friends,but it's not the same. I'll have happiness with friends for awhile, then all of a sudden, they're upset with me and stop talking to me. I'm left hurt, and not understanding what I did to make them feel that way. Even though I've been hurt like this by friends for years, for some reason I keep looking for more friends, hoping for happiness. If happiness doesn't come from friendships, then I guess you find it by being all alone. But I don't know how. Where's the happiness in going to Disneyland alone, or other places you enjoy? Friends cause hurt, loneliness causes pain. Any suggestions?

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