City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney land pais, Disney fastpass.

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In 39, MGM did the famous Wizard of Oz film. In the Disney movie Tron 1982, a young computer genius goes into an altered state where he ends up becoming a computer program. After defeating the MCP, he returns to the real world. This is simply a programming script.

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On 31 May 1995, a new attraction opened at the theme park. Space Mountain: De la Terre la Lune had been planned since the inception of Euro Disneyland under the name Discovery Mountain, but was reserved for a revival of public interest. With a redesign of the attraction which had premiered as Space Mountain at the Walt Disney World Resort s Magic Kingdom in 1975 including a cannon launch system, inversions, and an on-ride soundtrack, the US100 million attraction was dedicated in a ceremony attended by celebrities such as Elton John, Claudia Schiffer and Buzz Aldrin.

Jeremy Hobson: Tangled - - thats what we call Rapunzel now - - comes out on DVD today. And Rapunzel is the latest to join the Disney Princesses - - which translates roughly to: A very lucrative brand for Disney.

Many people ask : What does you heaven look like? My 12 year old son asked my what my idea of heaven is... and I began to wonder;First off, we are not religious... does that preclude us from speaking about the "what if's" of heaven....anyway he wanted to know what my heaven would look like.....I could only describe a sense of peace, well being, a sense that I will have completion, no stress... just floating about somewhere watching the world below me, possibly messing with those still on earth, but for the most part just a sense of calm... Needless to say he was dissappointed in me- I got the feeling that he wanted me to describe Disneyland, and it got me thinking... how do people view their heaven?

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