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People often ask : If you could host a party, and invite anyone you wanted, dead, alive, real or fictional- who would you invite?
The answer: A friend and I would compile lists of people we would invite during dull lectures at university. Here is my list of people I'd invite -George Washington - 1st PresidentThomas Jefferson – 2nd PresidentBen Franklin – Founding FatherJack Sparrow – PirateMarie Antoinette – Queen of FranceHoratio Nelson – SailorRobert Peel – Prime MinsterSitting Bull – Tribal Chief of the Lakota peopleGustave Eiffel - EngineerAlfred Nobel – Chemist, engineerWalt Disney – Animator, Director, EntrepreneurAlbert Einstein – Physicist, MathematicianAmelia Earhart – PilotChuck Yeager – First man to break the Sound BarrierDouglas Bader – Disabled WWII Flying AceMartin Luther King, jr – Civil Rights LeaderJohann Cruyff – Dutch football legendBob Marley - Singer, songwriterBono - Lead singer of U2Margaret Thatcher – British Prime MinisterRichard Branson – British EntrepreneurArsene Wenger – Arsenal managerKermit the Frog – EntertainerSandra Bullock - Actress

Popular questions - Please help!! TOO excited for vacation!?
The answer- SO next Tuesday I'm going to Disneyland with my dance team for 5 days where we will be performing. I'm very excited to spend time with my friends and have a great time! I'm also flying and I love airplanes :) But for some reason every time before I go somewhere exciting, I get sick. Whether its the stomach bug or a cold, I always get it. SO ANNOYING. Well I'm Emetophobic so that doesn't sit well with me. I always get overly excited for stuff like this and its really beginning to bother me. Do you have any tips on how to control my excitement? Also, is there anyway to get the "sick" thoughts out of my head? Thanks!

Many people are interested : Does anybody else suffer physically and mentally during a heatwave or is it just me?
We think that- Monday I had jury duty, I had to take a bus to a town that is about 25 miles from where I live. I'm in the Northeast and we are in the grip of a horrible heatwave. I moved away from Georgia, because the heat there made me sick. When I left the court house Monday after the stupid jury duty which no court case happened, no witnesses showed up (too ******* hot, I wouldn't!!) I had to walk several blocks (which I am used to walking but not in UNGODLY HEAT!!) The sun was pounding down on the sidewalks and pavement and all the traffic seemed so loud and it was so god damned hot, I felt like I was going to collapse!! I literally felt physically and mentally ill. It seemed like it wasn't affecting anybody around me. People with their kids were walking around in this ******* heat like, so what? Taking photos and acting like they were in ******* Disneyland. I've never used the "F" word before so now you know what state of mind I'm in. I walked two to three blocks in hot blazing 100 degree plus heat (F)and I thought I would die. People acted like they didn't give a ****. If I had collapsed I don't think people would have given a damn. I finally got to the terminal and it was air conditioned (thank God). When I got home I felt physically ill. Our apartment was so hot and stuffy and my husband is sitting in the living room having a beer and acting like...."what??". IT'S HOT AS ******* HELL HERE AND OUR APARTMENT IS STUFFY AS HELL! Thank God our bedroom has an air conditioner and I went in there and collapsed and fell asleep. I slept for hours. I had the AC on plus a box fan blowing on me. I thought I was through with menopause. I am 57 years old normally not such an asshole, but this heat is trying my patience. I refuse to go in my garden anymore, my poor flowers need attention, I refuse to walk in this heat, (we don't have a car) we're poor as dirt on a fixed income. My husband and I both live off of $700/ month. I dare anyone else to live off of that!! We either have to walk to the store which is about 2 miles away (which I don't mind when the weather is cool). We walk almost everywhere. But I'm physically and mentally fed up with this heatwave and I feel like I want to lash out at everybody like a rabid dog. What the hell is going on with me. I can't find any answers on the internet. Also, my husband never defends me if a neighbor in our apartment building starts harassing me. It makes me so angry. I wish I had married a Marine! I'm tired of my husband not having a "set of balls"!! He just sits there like a stupid moron.Like he's afraid of confronting anyone. Our neighbors have stolen stuff from us. They let their dog trample my flowers in my small garden. He doesn't say anything to those people, I"M THE ONE that has to say something. I hate him for NOT defending me. I feel he doesn't love me, because if he did, he would stand up for me! What in God's name is wrong with me, tonight I'm so angry I feel like throwing things and screaming. It's so ******* hot I have to stay in the air conditioned bedroom and take anxiety pills to help me "maintain an even strain". I'm sick of all of this, the ******* heat, a stupid husband, being poor, the oil spill, our planet dying and stupid neighbors. Anybody ever felt this way or is it just me???

viewed this TV show on TV a few times and I HAD to own my own copy on DVD. Im a Disney World fan and it is fun to see some things behind the scenes. This DVD is good for all people read more

Many people ask : Does my best friend that's a girl like me?
The answer: Okay first of all I need you to know that I'm currently 15 years old, and I'm a laid back kind of guy. I play video games, watch cartoons (family guy, south park, etc...) and I-m smart, but not not a "80-90% student" I'm more like a "70%" Student.My best friend is also 15 years old and we go to the same high school. I find her pretty, but some of my friends don't. She's really smart and flexible. She is a really good girl, and when I say this I mean she doesn't swear (AT ALL), she follows rules, and doesn't watch bad shows either like family guy and south park. Despite all the differences we may have, we're still best friends and this is because we make each other laugh a lot. Its kind of funny because we don't have a lot in common, but we still talk a lot. So anyways we have been best friends for over a year now. About a year ago we use to be with each other all the time (we still are) because we use to have all the same classes and we were pretty close before that and because of that, almost everyone thought we should be boyfriend and girlfriend. Anytime someone would bring up that topic, it would get really awkward. Back then, I didn't even think of her as a girlfriend... just a really close friend. I'm the kind of guy that is kinda popular, kinda not (I have friends who are popular, and those who are not) but anyways, shes not that popular, but that's not how I chose my friends. I chose my friends based on their personality... I could care less if they weren't popular. ANYWAYS, I never really liked her that way last year in grade 9. Now, I'm in grade 10, and I'm starting to like her now, but I have a feeling that she doesn't feel the same way about me and I don't wanna ask her cuz I don't wanna ruin everything. I'm really scared because what if she does like me and im taking too long to ask her? Or what if I got it all wrong and she only wants to be close friends? What do I do? Please help me because I am so confused.

Questions for new users - Your FAVORITE DISNEY movie??
The answer is- If you could go through EVERY and ANY disney movie out there...yes, High School Musical included, what would you choose??Sequels included as well.Anything from Pooh .... Mary Poppins... to Beauty and the Beast :] My personal fav.Let's make this a gigantically long answer page!!! COME ON EVERYONE!!! WHOOO!!!

Frequently asked questions : What are the best recent comics for a beginner to start reading?
The answer is- I've always been a fan of marvel and dc cartoons since I was little. I keep saying I'm going to give reading comics a try but haven't ever done it because of how daunting a task picking a comic would be. There are tons of comics out there and I haven't the slightest idea where to start. I have picked some up and given them a short look through and what really draws me are the updated looks to today's comics. The beautiful gloss and vibrant colors that they use just draw me. They're like hd in comic form. I don't really enjoy the faded look that some of the older comics seem to have. I don't if it's the paper they used then or what but something makes them look faded and outdated. As far as genre's go I'm looking for more of a superhero aspect or something that is very action oriented that will keep me intrigued. Hopefully I haven't made it too difficult for you guys but any help or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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