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People often ask - My boyfriend tries to make me dress different?
Here is the answer- So I like wearing tight shirts with you know cartoon...characters...girly..? He told me to stop wearing that because its immature and he doesn't like it. It pissed me off so bad, I take the time out my life to buy a bus ticket every weekend to see this guy. Spend my money DON'T EVEN SHOP ANYMORE! And he tries to tell me how to dress now...because it doesn't satisfy him. Am I wrong for getting upset?

I love how adult humour was brought up. I love rewatching Disney movies to see what jokes I missed as a kid. One of my favourite adult humour moments was in Cars during the trial in Radiator Springs. If you listen closely, or turn on subtitles, you can hear the crowd at the trial yelling things like facist and commie.

From Leroy Koevoets: Do you think Disneyland Paris deserves the name: Best themepark in Europe? Have you ever been there? What is your experience and opinion about the park. Which other park is better in some categories.

Popular questions - Who's your favorite Disney character?
Here is the answer- Mine's Simba from the Lion King!

Cinderella Tiara - Princess Costume Accessories - Cinderella Tiara - Youll look like a Disney princess from your feet to your crown with this dreamy blue Cinderella Tiara!

People often ask - I am crying, I need your help please, some one broke my VHS move tape?
We think that: the movie is not out of print, my favorite Disney movie you can not find it any place else. Besides it has a sentimental value to it. What happened? The tape was rewind and then.... it ripped apart at the end.How can I attach the tape back on the VHS cassette ? who can fix this ... help please.

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