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Many people are interested : How much should i take to Disneyland?
The answer- well i'm going to Disneyland and i just don't know how much to spend.i was thinking of taking $40.00 i already bought my ticket.should i take more or less?many think it's very expensive in disneyland .please think this quick and reasonable.also....when you pay for the ticket wich i think it's $60.00 (that's what i paid)do you have to pay for rides even if you already paid for the ticket?

Frequently asked questions : Has anyone ever thizzed , or done E at DisneyLand?
The answer: I'm planning a trip to Disney Land this summer and a lot of my friends want to pop before going into the park.Has anyone done this before? Was it fun? Over whelming?Did you go on any of the "big" rides, or just the fantasy rides?AND I DON'T NEED ANY PEOPLE TELLING ME HOW STUPID THIS IDEA IS AND SO ON.. I'M JUST ASKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE.

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Questions for new users - What is your favourite Disney movie?
We think that: I love Mulan 1 and 2. I'm so like Mulan!

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