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Frequently asked questions - What is a special experience with Ariel at disneyland/world?
We think that: I know this is a Caleche question.But,what did she say,what did she do special?I miss going to her grotto at Disneyland! Now,you have to go all the way to Walt Disney World just to see her tail glimmer in the sun.... :(

Frequently asked questions - Anyone know what movie this could be?
The answer: i used to watch this movie all the time when i was little, its cartoon simular to the old hobbit movies. its about dragons and takes place in some magical world. the dragons eat limestone to breath fire and there is an older dragon who has to teach the new dragon everything like how to fly and they go on a quest and they meet elves who trap them in a net that has flowers on it that make them fall asleep. the older dragon dies in a battle with an ogre, the battle takes place in the rain and its very sad and everything. im pretty sure the older dragon is red or orange and the new one is green. i belive in the beginning it shows lots of different dragons at their own castles and theres like a chinese dragon and everything, i also think it has something to do with a bord game. please help!! i would love to know my childhood movie!

Popular questions - Who's pissed about the Totoro dubbing?
The answer is: I recently purchased my favorite childhood movie on DVD, only to find that Disney has completely screwed up the experience by re-dubbing the entire film. Is anyone else as upset as me?

The city also constructed the Anaheim Convention Center across the street from Disneylands original parking lot, and residences were constructed in the area as part of the citys growth in the late 20th century.

Many people ask - What does my dream mean?
The answer is: I had a dream where my crush was on the second story of a town house and was looking out the window and i was outside looking up at him then all of a sudden writing appeared in what seemed like chalk like cartoon writing which wrote in the air with an arrow pointing at him stating 'cupid make this happen already."Can someone please help me I was searching for what it meant but i didnt see cupid just his arrow and his name so i dont know how to interpret it.p.s i think he might like me or is very curious about me not really sure

A friend of mine heard rumblings in Disneys news that they were planning another movie based off Mickey plot details have been I plan to research Disney sometime to confirm the information.

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Pop Century Resort - Walt Disney World

Hamas Mickey Mouse speaks of Islamic supremacy

Mickey Mouse on Hamas TV Teaches Children about Islamic Rule

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