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Bob Iger wasnt on hand for any of Disneylands media blitz not for Mermaid, Soundsational or Star Tours. Granted, hes a busy guy but really, how often do new attractions open at Disneyland Resort? Maybe he was busy christening another Disney cruise ship somewhere. And George Lucas he lives an hour away by airplane. He must have been too busy, despite the fact that he always takes the opportunity to comment about what a huge Disneyland fan he is, and how important the Anaheim park has been to him his whole life. And then there was Anthony Daniels, who was in Los Angeles, 35 minutes north of Disneyland that morning, in town for the Star Wars in Concert event at the Hollywood Bowl that night. Surely, Disney could have sent a car for him to be at Disneyland at 9:30 couldnt they? Daniels was apparently too busy tweeting about the view from his hotel and what he should or shouldnt eat for breakfast to be bothered with a second Star Tours opening.

People often ask - I saw a child being verbally abused at disneyland 6 days ago but its still bothering me?
We think that- My family and I had went to Disneyland on the 27th of August to celebrate early 3 days before my nephew's birthday he was turning 7.Well my family and I had sat down to watch the parade that they have at Disneyland with all the floats that pass, with the people singing and dancing.And while we were waiting, there was this man who kept yelling at his little girl, she was sitting in a chair, and she was trying to sit up to see and he kept yelling at her in front of everyone "SIT DOWN!!" "I SAID SIT DOWN NOW!!" "SIT DOWN OR I'LL HIT YOU!" and he grabbed her leg and shoved it into the chair forcing her to sit down, the little girl who looked about 4 or 5 years old, started crying, she even looked over at me one time, and he kept yelling at her to sit down, even though it was none of my business, it was making me so mad, I can't stand to see a child be mistreated, all the little girl wanted to do was sit up so she could see the parade, even though it hadn't started yet, but the workers were getting everything ready and she just wanted to see, and he kept yelling at her every time, "I SAID SIT DOWN!! OR I'LL HIT YOU!!"he had an accent like that of a german, he was a white man, with little to no hair, that was kind kind of white maybe from his age, in which he looked to be in his 40's maybe early 50's, he had blue eyes, and looked mean, I don't know if he was the father of the little girl, because a woman had come and sat down next to them, but she was an asian woman, but the little girl called her mommy, she was happy to see her and said "Mommy!" the little girl had almost shoulder length hair, and it was brown and curly, she didn't look asian herself, I don't remember the color of her eyes, but I think they were brown. Also another man had come with the mother and he to was asian, he had picked up the little girl and was holding her while standing next to the mom, the little girl seemed happy about being with them, but then after awhile he put her back down into the chair, and the white man continued yelling at her again, I kept looking over and said "You don't threaten a child like that, she's just a little girl! I don't care who you are, you never treat a child that way!" and he glared at me, his eyes looked so angry, he kept staring at me throughout the parade and I got a bad vibe from him, other people were witnessing him yelling at the child but no one did anything but I heard a few people make comments, saying, "that man keeps screaming at his kid, what an**hole." other people who were sitting across from us on the other side of the street were staring, and shaking their heads, others just kept staring at the man and the little girl, but did nothing, my sister even noticed how mean this man was being, she said he looked crazy, after I had made the comment, he stopped yelling at her, and sat quietly watching when the parade started, but kept glaring over at me, but after about 6 minutes or so, he started up again, the mother said something that time, which I'm not clear on what she said, but she said something to the man and he stopped again for a little bit, he still kept looking over at me still glaring, when the little girl started to get up again, and he started yelling at her again, I'm not exactly sure what he said, but he did say "SIT DOWN!!, YOU STAY SITTING DOWN OR." now it sounded like he was saying "OR I'LL F*CK YOU UP!." or he could have been saying "OR I'LL BACK YOU UP" since she was in the chair, he could have meant he'll back her up meaning taking the chair away and they'll leave, but that part was not clear to me, but he said it to her about 3 times, when the parade was over the mother left the little girl with the white man and walked away with the other guy she came with.My sister and I were watching when the white man grabbed the little girls arm and was pulling her into one of the little candy stores they had, the little girl was trying to pull away, she acted as if she didn't want to go with him she started crying and kept saying "No!, no!" and he was yelling "COME ON!" and he saw me watching and stared at me again with a glare and then went into the store.I can't help but think if the man treats that little girl like that in public, imagine what its like for her when she's at home with him.I did have a 1-800-4 A Child number in my phone, but didn't know if I should call or not, now again I know I don't know these people, but just sitting there watching him constantly yell at her, making her cry, and threatening to hit her if she didn't stay sitting made my blood boil, I did walk by him once and told him "Calm down, she's just a little girl, you don't need to threaten her like that." he turned around and looked angrily at me, but never said anything to me.This was on the 27th but yet it still bothers me, I keep thinking about it, and hope the little girl is okay.I know a lot of little kids act out, and its difficult to control them at times, and some paren

1989 was a really great time to work for The Walt Disney Company. After recently transferring from Disneyland to The Walt Disney Studios, I was a Disney employee with a front-row seat to all of the madness and excitement going on within the company at all levels. The Little Mermaid was a box office sensation, heralding the return of Disney as a major player in animation. We were all in love with the worlds newest Disney stars - Ariel, Sebastian, Scuttle, Eric and Flounder, to name just a few from Mermaid. For me and probably one or two people out there however, the biggest draw to The Little Mermaid was its deliciously nasty villain, Ursula, the sea witch, voiced by the one and only Pat Carroll.

During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s at least 90% of the Illuminatis trauma-based mind-controlled slaves were subjected to watching Disneys Fantasia film in order for them to build the foundational imagery of the mind-control. Child mind-control victims had their eyes taped open, and then sat one-on-one with their primary programmers so that the programmers could give the scripts as the child watched Disneys Fantasia over and over. What made Fantasia unique as a programming tool is that it had almost everything the programmers needed to create the foundational imagery for their trauma-based mind-control. To build a dependable alter system means that the worlds need a solid foundation. Fantasia has provided the means to get a solid foundation for the internal worlds that the Illuminati slaves build in their mind. It is also a masterpiece in coordinating color and music.

Frequently asked questions - Who else thinks that Walt Disney is probably rolling over in his grave?
Here is the answer- Walt Disney did not make Disney so that the Jonas Brothers could have millions of screaming teenie fans. Disney is terrible now, not just because of the Jonas Brothers, but for many other reasons. The show Hannah Montana is awful, just like every other new Disney show. Disney channel used to be so fun to watch, there was Goofy, Donald, Mickey, etc. Disney is now teenie-bopper infested, power pop-ish, money making trash.

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The answer: Favorite songFavorite bandFavorite holidayFavorite foodFavorite colorFavorite moviehot chocolate or coffeeDisney or Nickelodeon ( pick one even if you hate both)Burger King, Arby's or McDonald'sMustang or CorvetteFord or Chevyred or green1 word to describe yourselfDo you hate Miley Cyrus?Google or YahooFacebook,myspace or neitherFavorite Christmas songsnow or raintv, computer or a bookdo you like TwilightThanks

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