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I don t know if any of you have already heard this juicy tidbit of news, but Tangled may be the last princess movie Disney will make for the indefinite future. The rationale behind this era-ending decision? Girls these days just don t want to be princesses. Making the typical Princess movie is now a losing bargain.

I purchased the 15 Disney Princess as a gift for my daughter, Christmas 08. The television worked for about 3 months, I turned it off one day and it never worked again!! I contacted Toys R us and they told me to contact the manufacturer Starlite International. Just this month the store came up with a number to Starlite Intl. Upon calling them, I was treated rudely and basically told tough luck. They offer a 90 day mfr. warranty only. If you could find a way to contact them within that time frame it might be He informed me their s are in the manual and they ARE NOT! Starlite had gone out of business and they had other customers with the same problem. So I paid nearly 300.00 for a Disney that worked about 2 mos. total. Ater 20 yrs. of buying the kids Christmas at Toys R Us, Guess where I DIDNT buy toys from this year!!!

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Disney Princess Headband - Princess Costume Accessories - This Disney Princess Headband features soft pink marabou feathers, pink sequins and jewels, and character prints of Cinderella, Ariel and Belle. Sized for kids

When Kermit hosted The Tonight Show in 1979, he mentioned that the Muppets went to Disneyland, and that the guard at the gate refused to let them out.

To end numerous labour disputes over long-hours and poor pay, Euro Disneyland has away from imported American working practices and towards a more French approach Sasseen, 1993, p. 27. This new approach set a maximum working week and annualized hourly work schedules. In addition, it reclassified jobs using the French method which allowed French citizens the ability to recognize their standard French job classifications. As a result, Euro Disneyland won greater acceptance and willingness to be flexible from its work force Sasseen, 1993.

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Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom - with Binaural Audio!

One Day at Walt Disney World - February 3, 2011

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