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Waiting in line is no way to spend your Disney World vacation. Thats why Disney introduced Fastpass, a new way to get into the ride of your choice. Just insert your admission pass into the Fastpass slot and youll get reservations for that ride. No more waiting in line - just come back at the reserved time with your Fastpass and be on board in less than 10 minutes. Fastpass is available at selected rides in all four theme parks.

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Many people ask - Best Disney Films..?
The answer: Ok i'm obsessed with Disney Movies!my favorite have always beenThe Little Mermaid!i love the score in that film and i love Ariel :]i just wanted to ask you guys what your top 5 favorites are!!my top 5 are..1. The Little Mermaid2.Beauty and the Beast3. Peter Pan4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame5. Aladdin

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