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In addition to the anticipated release of Disneys A Christmas Carol, and in an effort to provide early adopters with premium content that optimally showcases their new 3D home theater systems with Disney 3D content, Disney has also created an exclusive 3D Showcase Disc available for mass distribution. This new 3D Showcase Disc is a compilation of upcoming 3D product, footage and promotional trailers that contains a variety of vividly mesmerizing clips from Disneys 3D content library including but not limited to, Walt Disneys 1953 animated short Working for Peanuts, promotional trailers of upcoming 3D-enabled Blu-ray releases like Disneys A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland and Disney

Many people are interested - Disneyland. Is it true that its insanely crowded and they check your bags and people shove and push?
We think that- I have been reading online all these horrible things about Disneyland, is it true about the shoulder to shoulder crowds, long lines, bag checks? You cant even bring water in the park? Please, tell me whats going on, we are going in like 2 weeks all the way from Seattle.

Many people ask - Girls: Next Weekend I'm going to Disneyland?
Here is the answer- and I want some suggestions on what pair of comfortable cute shoes can I wear??? Please I want them to be cute and comfortable any ideas??? If you have one Please Help, Thanks

Popular questions : What are your 3 favorite Disney movies--ANIMATED preferrably?
The answer- beauty and the beastpocahantisaladdin

People often ask : My 13 year old shows little respect for me....?
We think that: and all the respect for his dad, who walked out on us had 3 more kids and didn't even tell us till the oldest was 3 years old.I hvae struggled to keep us a float. While his dad has all the money to do what him and his gf desire- LIKE: GAMBLE GO TO dISNEYLAND EVERY YEAR have these big elaborate parties not just for their kids but other kids too.His dad spends No real time with them. He picks them up takes them to his house and leaves them there sometimes alone in the house. In the beginning the gf would leave their young ones with mine to watch them. I don't leave my kids with anyone I work around my kids school schedule, I try to take care of my kids needs and wants before mine. I even let them go to their dads only because he gives them things that I can' money and taking them to the fair and movies, buys them extra things that I can't.So my question is this. WHY does my 13 yr old hate me and his 10 year old sister so much.I confiscated his cell phone because he was flunking 3 classes and because he didn't answer my calls or his dads this past weekend. But my older son was lookingt thru it and found a text to this girl that said he was going to f*** me up and knock me out if I touched. Calling me a the B***ch. I hadn't hit my child or spanked him in like7 years.Why is he so angry?And when I ask him he just clams up. And when he does talk its as if he has tape on his moouth he mumblles then he gets angry if you ask him to repeat it.i LOVE KIDS NOT JUST MINE. I m kind to his friends and the neighborhood kids. more than the other parents aroun here.So I don't get it.

Whoever decided to do that is a complete moron! Who cares if Mickeys Mouse is old school anyway I like that idea I dont care what you epople think its an old school Disney character!. But PS3 Xbox360 sweet just dont change the game all the way.

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