City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney parade 2008, Disney world parade schedules.

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The success not only led to international fame for Walt Disney, but for Mickey as well. On November 21, Variety magazine published a review which read in part Not the first animated cartoon to be synchronized with sound effects, but the first to attract favorable attention. Steamboat Willie represents a high order of cartoon ingenuity, cleverly combined with sound effects. The union brought laughs galore. Giggles came so fast at the Colony Theater they were stumbling over each other. The response led to the two previous Mickey films to be given sound also and released theatrically.

Many people ask - Whats your favorite disney movie? and character?
The answer: Personally mine is cinderella. But i did like 101 dalmations

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People often ask - Whats your all time favorite disney cartoon character?
The answer is- Ariel from the Little Mermaid....and then boo from monsters inc and then stitch

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