City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney parade tv, Menage disneyland.

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4th of July Fireworks. Magic Kingdom - 9:00PM fireworks, include a presentation of patriotic music timed to correspond with the pyrotechnic fireworks display. Disneys Hollywood Studios - 9:50PM Holiday Fireworks display. Epcot - 9:00PM Illuminations with special Fourth of July finale. TIP: The Magic Kingdoms Celebrate America fireworks are also offered on July 3rd at 9PM and this is a much, much better day to visit the Magic Kingdom. Avoid both the Magic Kingdom Epcot on July 4th.

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The answer- "Victoria you can NOT go out with my brother!!" Ginny yelled at me"Who said i was actually going to?" i asked"Oh c'mon, when a guy you've had a crush on for the last year ask's you out you, dont say no!!" she replied"So whats the problem then?" i retorted"`My best friend can't date my brother!!!" she"WHY NOT!?""Because that would just be weird!" she yelled back"So are you saying that if i date George that we won't be friends anymore?" i pressed angrily"Uh," she looked torn."t-that wasn't what i meant but... Yeah thats what im saying!""Whatever Ginny!" I snapped and stormed out of the girls dormitry.--------------------------------------She just didnt get it, I liked George alot and she knew that, it wasn't like if I went out with him I would ditch her or anything.--------------------------------------i walked to the lake in Hogwarts grounds and sat down under a tree in the shade. i didn't know what to do, i didn't think that Ginny would go that far, i got a bit of parchment from my pocket and on it i wrote, ' Nymphadora Tonks, If your availiable please answer urgently. Love your goddaughter Victoria. then i cast the enchantment " Insenti Messagato" on the parchment which turns the parchment to kind of like a instant messager thing so i could talk to my godmother Tonks. i sat for about 20 secounds then the parchment burned hot signally that i got a reply.Tonks- Tori what is it?? Are you okay??Me- Oh yeah i'm fine your not doing anything important are you??Tonks- Not really i was watching a weirdo muggle cartoon about sheep, and there was this really cute baby one called Timmy.Me- Um... O.k.a.y. anyway um i need your help.Tonks: What is it?and i continued to tell Tonks the whole story of how George had asked me out and told me to get back to him cause he was going to be late for potions, and then ginny had found out and about our fight.Me: Well what should i do Tonks?Tonks: How am i suposed to know? i'm hopeless when it comes to guys you know that.Me: But what would you do if it were you?Tonks: Well Ginny has always been there for you but it makes me feel like shes using you at the moment or something. I don't know V.Me: But Tonks C'mon your my godmother you gotta help me out here!Tonks: so ginny said that if you when out with him you wouldnt be friends anymore?Me: yeahTonks: but are you still friends with her now?Me: No i dont think so.Tonks: okay i reckon you should try it on with George, and Ginny will come round eventually.Me: okay i gotta go to class now or i'll be late.Tonks: Okay hey if you want do you want to meet up in Hogmede this weekend and i can meet George and see if hes suitable for you.Me: Tonks.... *shakes head*Me: Okay, I'll meet you at Zonkos okay.Tonks: Okay! See Ya!!!Me: See Ya! : ]Okay so i know its not that good but i got bored and yeah and i know the puctuation and that isnt that good but can you give me some ideas how to improve? um so idk what to do next i might have her just sitting at the lake still and then George come up and ask her out again or i could do like her just like thinking about how he asked her out like a flashback or something etc.what do you think??

People often ask : Favorite song from a Disney animated movie?
The answer: In Dumbo, when his mom is locked up and he goes to see her....I cry every time.

1989 was a really great time to work for The Walt Disney Company. After recently transferring from Disneyland to The Walt Disney Studios, I was a Disney employee with a front-row seat to all of the madness and excitement going on within the company at all levels. The Little Mermaid was a box office sensation, heralding the return of Disney as a major player in animation. We were all in love with the worlds newest Disney stars - Ariel, Sebastian, Scuttle, Eric and Flounder, to name just a few from Mermaid. For me and probably one or two people out there however, the biggest draw to The Little Mermaid was its deliciously nasty villain, Ursula, the sea witch, voiced by the one and only Pat Carroll.

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