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The franchise has released dolls, sing-along videos and a variety of other girls products, apparel, home decor and a variety of toys featuring the Disney Princesses. Rapunzel, one of the lead protagonists of Tangled, will be inducted into the line-up as the 10th princess on October 2, 2011.

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We think that- Where do you thinik it will rank among the other Pixar films?Are you excited to see this movie?Are you going to see it in 3D?Favorite Character?Other comments??

Walt Disney World Resort also known colloquially as Disney World, is the worlds largest and most-visited recreational resort. Located approximately 21 miles 34 km southwest of Orlando, Florida, United States, the resort covers an area of 30, 080-acre 47.00 sq mi; 121.7 km

Deep in the vaults of Walt Disney are hidden movie gems. For family movie night, skip the new releases one week and try an older film with a fun theme.

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The answer is- Mine is the lion king.when i was little i used to watch it almost every day!I also really like the little mermaid and cinderellai have to say i still love the little mermaid!

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