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Ironically, most so-called experts predicted that Disneyland would be a failure. The amusement park professionals of the time told Disney he couldnt charge admission, that the rides were too expensive, and that he had to sell beer to make a profit. Well, Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, and just seven weeks later the one millionth visitor passed through the Disneyland turnstiles. Ten years later, it was 50 million. Now, almost 400 million people have visited the Magic Kingdom.

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Frequently asked questions - Disneyland question for those that have been there?
Here is the answer- I'm going to claifotnia because I'm in fccla and qualified for nationals. We are going to spend the last day from 4pm to midnigt in Disneyland. What are the best places to visit? Best rides, best place to eat dinner, anything you think of that I should do or see.

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Many people ask - Just for fun! What is you'r favorite Disney character? ?
Here is the answer: Mine would be Bambi or Tinker Bell! :)

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