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Frequently asked questions - Tv is so horrible nowadays. why???????????????????
We think that- Today tv is nothing but trash-bin (which is an insult to trash-bin which i find more entertaining):Back then cartoons were so awesome i did not know they were drawn.:shows were so awesome they gave america a culture.: cg is taking and it looks fake as hell (I got eyes and I am not stupid it is fake as hell):discovery channel was awesome but drop slightly nowadays but to me it is the best channel onshows like assignment discovey treats audiences with respect and showed that they carenow i feel like i have to teach them on how to make a good show but wait arn't they the experts.right now i feel like i want to sell my tv since it is the only good thing it can least i can live my life now.

Frequently asked questions : POLL: Creepy vs. gifted child?
The answer is: Why do adults look down on children who express many adult-like qualities.Examples:-Multi-talented-Speaks in intelligent conversation and uses big words-Speaks different languages.-Collects/ cleans their toys and rarely plays with them-Gets along better with adults and has good and intelligent conversations.-Painfully organized and keeps their areas clean.They are trim and neat and never get any of their clothes dirtied. Their room is never messy.-They are leaders and know what they want and how to get it. They know how to use others to get what they want in a clever, almost professional way.They bend other children and even some adults to their whims.-While kids their age are watching cartoons, they are in a library or watching the HIstory Chanel.--Does things without being told.-They are very observant of others and their habits.-Is worried about money and saves their allowances and doesn't spend it-Very responsible. Often reminds adults what they have to do to parent them.-They iron, clean and on occassion cook their own food.-They know a lot about the adult world soley through reading. (AKA, they know thing they shoudn't for a youngster, but it was all through reading.)-Plans everything out-Recives very high marks in school and even outsmarts teachers.-Is a perfectionist and has many hobbies. They are obsessed with winning.-They already know what college they want to go to.-They heard about the Gerber Life plan and nag their parents to get them on the plan before the get too old.-The child looks after themselves before anyone. They know it is money that makes the world go round and they will stop at nothing to obtain it. Their parents coax them to spend their allowances on candy or comic books, but the child wants nothing to do with those things. They are obsessed with saving the money, as they see it as a powerful tool.If a child expresses ANY of the above traits, wouldn't that hint that this is a GOOD thing... and that they may be geniuses? Yet, adults see it as creepy and not right... like the kid may have a disorder.

Questions for new users - Tickets for Orlando Theme Parks - advice please?
The answer is: We're going to Florida next year for 3 weeks and want to visit all the attractions (Walt Disney, Universal Studios etc) but I can only see that they offer separate tickets for both parks. I'm confused as to where to buy them from and how long it will take to go to each park (ie. 14 days at Disneyland and 7 at Universal?). Would it be best to buy a ticket for longer at Disney or Universal? Is there a reputable company that provides tickets covering everything at good price? Would it be best to buy them through the agent we are booking from? Any information from people who have been recently would be great. And any further advice about the trip would also be good. Last question, is the middle of May a good time to go? Thanks.

Popular questions : What's your favorite Disney Movie?
The answer is- THE LION KING. :D

The following people qualify for airline employee cruise discounts on Disney Cruise Line: Commercial airline employees, spouses, dependent children under 21 and retirees of the airlines not defunct carriers. Parents of employees are NOT eligible at this time.

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