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Interviews with various types of Disney victims. Disney has used mafia-type tactics, death threats, to intimidate numerous people into selling their property. Roy E. Disney has been reported involved in these land thefts.

The latest Disney Princess is Rapunzel from the disney movie Tangled. This movie brings to live the classic fairytale of the princess with lovely long, golden hair. Although the Disney story is a little different to the classic fairytale it is certainly bound to become another Disney favorite.

A Facebook friend pointed out a Disneyland Secrets link from years ago, speculating that bands of feral cats keep the flying critters at bay. Disneyland allegedly even feeds these cats, hoping to keep them around so they can keep mice and rats under control. But pigeons, too? I find it dubious. I dont think even hundreds of feral cats could dispatch thousands of pigeons in broad daylight. Something else must be going on, I thought.

Frequently asked questions : Cartoon Dance Animation HELP PLEASE?
The answer: Me and my friend are making these cartoon video's, and i want the charactor to dance in this coming one.WHat dance move is the easiest to do?And how exactly do you do it?

There will be a Disney Princess procession through Kensington Gardens which everyone can attend for free and without a ticket. More information about that will be posted to as its available.

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The answer: I have to say it's Pisces. My dad locks me up when I was a kid and doesn't allow for friends to come over or for me to go to my friend's house. I even remember when I was 8, my aunt (she's really cool and treats us like adults) and my cousins were going to Disneyland and they want to bring me along and she would pay for it and everything, but my dad wouldn't let me go. I was so mad at him, I stayed mad for almost a month and still remember it till this I'm 15 and I have to come home straight after school, he picks me up and most kids have curfews but I don't even have a curfew coz I am not allow to go out after 4 PM. You probably dont care, but IMAGINE this is YOU. Imagine you have to come straight home after school everyday and you're not allowed to see your friends at all. I remember running away from home when I was 13, it only lasted a while, but I always have thoughts to do it again. I am also extremely suicidal and I hate him, I am losing all friends and just because he's miserable, he locks up his and his kid and gets extremely mad when we talk back to him. I hate him. Don't know why pisces are supposed to be "saints" my dad is a controlling mean and closed minded person. I almost wish I didn't have a dad because of how controlling he is.

Many people are interested : What are the odds of me being able to work at Disneyland as a character?
The answer is: So I'm about 5'8", 130lbs, blue eyes, blonde hair, and I'm pale. I have an odd dream (some would say) of wanting to work at Disneyland as a Disney character- like Alice or Aurora etc. I'm wondering what the odds are? I've researched the audition requirements and all that. And I don't need reassurance about how I should just "try because I never know" kind of stuff. I've been acting since I was 10 and dancing since I was 5 and I sing and all that. I'm just wondering what the odds are of being cast because it always says you have to be 5'7" so I'm wondering how much my height will affect this?Thanks!!!

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