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Theyre offering themselves as an alternative to Nickelodeons Nick Jr. channel, which emphasizes learning. Disney says that todays parents are ready for a change. In an age of video games and iPads, kids can learn their ABCs anywhere. Whats missing are good, old-fashioned stories that kids can repeat to others, pretend to be the characters, and watch again and again.

So these coloring pages contain our version of the classic Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck or other Disney friends.

The first two weeks of August are still busy at Walt Disney World but crowd levels slowly decrease through the second half of August as kids head back to school. The weather can be hot and humid but, by doing a little advance planning, you can still plan on having a great time on your WDW summer vacation.

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Even better, Disney Water Parks offer Extra Magic Hours every morning - and what better place to cool off than at one of the Water Parks or the pool at your Resort hotel! You can then take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours Benefit at the Theme Parks at night.

Overall, Epic Mickeys numerous flaws are particularly frustrating, not because they ruin the game, but because the game is so good. With better enemy variety and combat, more boss battles, improved and a better camera, and less reliance on fetch quests, Epic Mickey really could have been one of the all time greats. Instead it is simply a rock solid game for Wii owners, and a must have for Disney fans, story loving gamers and fans of platforming and exploration.

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