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Mickey and the Beanstalk-a re-telling of the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but this time with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as the heroes. This short was originally planned as a feature film, but due to budget constraints was shortened and included as part of the 1947 movie FUN AND FANCY FREE. This version of the short doesnt include the live action narration with Edgar Bergen, but the animated storytelling of Ludwig Von Drake and Herman the Cricket from the 1963 television airing of the short. Mickey and Beanstalk isnt just worth watching because its a good story, but because its also the last cartoon that Walt Disney himself did the voice of Mickey Mouse.

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We think that: My back pressed against the cold alley wall and I was frozen in place by fear. My stomach was in a knot that tightened every time one of them took a step. I was starting to fell sick. “Well, well, well what do we have here,” the tall muscular one said. He had a deep voice that would fit an evil wolf in a cartoon. He smiled and his white fangs got bigger than any humans should be. He licked them and a smile spread across his face. “Looks like a witch, Bruce,” the short lanky one answered. My hand started to shake and I clenched them into a fist. My breath was uneven and my heart was trying to escape my chest. The short one took a step forward and the red head put a hand on his chest. “Hold it Lyle, their dangerous,” he warned. I could tell by the way Lyle and Bruce circled the red head that he was the leader of the trio. I gulped and Bruce watched my throat. “Come on Luke, just one bite,” Lyle said but didn’t take another step forward. Luke looked at me and stared at my wide gray eyes, Gray because I was trying desperately to save myself although I being so young would have no affect on them. “She’s young,” Bruce muttered and my eyes darted to him. Lyle laughed and took another step closer. He was inches away from me. “She smells mouthwatering. Like apples,” he cackled. He lifted his hand to lift a lock of my hair. Before he even touched me a spark of electricity flashed and he jerked his hand away. “Ouch, she shocked me,” Lyle yelped. “I told you,” Luke said. He had such a serious expression on his face. Bruce chuckled. “No one told you to touch her,” he laughed. Lyle took a step back and eyed me. Luke stepped forward and brushed my hair away from my neck. His serious expression faded and he smiled showing off his fangs. “But your right, she smells delicious,” he said and leaned in toward my neck. I felt his ice cold breath on my neck. “I can’t wait to taste,” he whispered. “Don’t you dare,” a deep voice warned. Luke froze and stopped an inch away from my neck. The others froze and turned around. They backed up slowly until they were pressed against the wall with me. Then so quickly I wasn’t sure how it happened I was in Luck’s cold arms. I hadn’t even move yet the wall was replaced with his chest and my head was leaning back on his shoulders. His long thump nail pressed against my skin of my neck. His other hand was wrapped around my waist, trapping me. I knew that even having his nail on me was dangerous. His nails were able to slice a car in half- my skin would be like butter. “I’ll kill her if you come closer,” he told the stranger. And to show he wasn’t playing around he dug his nail a little deeper. I felt a sharp stinging pain and then warm wet sticky liquid trickle down my neck. “I thought I had made myself clear,” the stranger growled and took another step. Who ever this stranger was he was able to scare three vampires. I wasn’t sure if I should be scared or relived. The stranger was just a silhouette in the darkness. Bruce growled and ran forward straight into the stranger. The stranger picked him up and threw him into the wall making it shake. “I mean it I’ll kill her,” Luke said and I could hear a tremble of fear in his voice. “Then you’ll die in the process,” the stranger hissed and pounced. Lyle pounced at the same time and they collided. Lyle fell on his back but the stranger landed on his feet and in a crouching position ready for another pounce. Both Lyle and Bruce were in the same position. Luke seemed to sense that they couldn’t do it alone because he threw me in the corner. I gasped in shock and pain as my back hit the stone wall. The strangers head snapped in my direction and then at Luke. My hands went for the dull stinging pain in my neck. Once my fingers touched the small cut it stared to heal and in a second it was gone. I tried to stand up but my knees weren’t strong enough and I fell back to the ground. 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I transported into the spot he was just in and watched him run into the wall. He fell on the ground but got up quickly and spun around to look at me. Transportation was easy for me now and if he continued to run at me he would continue to his the walls. “Oh I’m sorry did you want me to stand still,” I said in a teasing tone. He growled and pounced at me. Again I transported to the spot where he was once. He landed on feet and slid into the wall. I formed the blue ball of light in my hand again and aimed it at him. His eye went wide and he took off. He was gone before I could throw it at him. I let the light fade away and looked at the stranger and Luke. Luke was in a crouching position while the stranger stood straight. He had a tare on his hoodie’s arm, but other than that looked like he had never encountered trouble with vampires. Luke’s clothes were torn in many places and he had scratch marks on his face. I smiled and created my blue light again. 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Tapulous co-founder and COO, Andrew Lacy, along with Mr. Decram, will run Disney s new mobile business. Disney didn t disclose how much it paid for the company.

Many people ask : Name of stuffed puppy in the 90's?
Here is the answer- I'm looking for a stuffed dog, that came out in the 90's. I'm not sure how to describe them, but their lips would fold up to make them look mean or to show their teeth. Also I think they had a cape that went into their backs. I know this sounds stupid and I dont have much information to go by, but if anyone has any idea what toy I am talking about, please let me know. I wanted to look for one on ebay and I can't remember what they're called or much about them. They werent pound puppys and I dont believe that they were from any cartoon. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions : Survey:):):):)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;1. Boy or Girl (Girl)2. Age (16)3. In a relation ship yes or no (Nope)4. Dr. Pepper or Mtn. Due (Dr. Pepper)5. Disney World or Universal Studios (Disney World)6. Lobster or Crab (Crab)7. Big brown eyes or Regular green eyes (Big brown eyes)8. Smile or Eyes (Smile)9. Tall or Short (Taller then me)10. Love or War (Love)11. Worm or Cold weather (Worm Weather)12. Dog or Cat (Dog)13. Favorite song (The Cave)14. Favorite TV show (Tosh.0 or Modern Family)15. Favorite Movie (Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or Hangover part 1)16. Into Men or Women (Men)17. First Love yet? (Yes'm)18. Life Ma-doo (Don't dwell on the past and love what you have right in front of you)19. What kind of phone (NV touch or HTC innovation (using both)...)20. When does summer end for you? (End of August or beginning of September)

Frequently asked questions - How do you add cartoon to powerpoint?
We think that- I'm making a powerpoint for school and I need to know how to add a character to it. Like an animated character that will talk and say stuff that you want it to. How do you add an animated character at the side of the PowerPoint slide to help the audience follow along. Is there any program or something like that. Because I have to present this in class to the teacher so it needs to be on a powerpoint format. If anyone could help that would be awesome, I really need some desperate help.

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