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Many people ask : HELP I need help with a project called NHD... SOON!?
Here is the answer: My topic for NHD (national history day) is Walt Disney. I really need to get an interview because I really think it will help me do better. Does anyone know of a way I could get an interview with someone who worked with Disney or studies Disney? Your help is really appreciated... the sooner I can find an interview the better off I'll be.

People often ask - What's Your Favorite Disney Character?
The answer- What's You Fave Character, And Why? (Actors & Actressess Alowd, E.G - Zac Efron - Troy Bolton)I Have 2- They Are:Zac Efron - Troy BoltonWhy?: He Is Very Good Looking, He Has Nice Hair, He Has Nice Eyes, He Has Nice Taste, I Love His CarVanessa Hudgens - Gabriella MontezWhy?: I Like Gabriella (Gabby), I Felt Sorry For Her When Troy Said All Those Things In HSM1 & When Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) Took Him Of Her In HSM 2, I Love Her Song - Say OK, And Erm.... She Has Good Taste In Clothes, Music, Films And Boys.... What Are Yours?

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The answer is- There was 2 blondes in a car on the way two disneyland 1 read the sign and it said "disneyland left" so they went home.--------------------------------------theres 3 mothers talking in a kitchen a red head, a brunette, and a blonde, They each have 1 daughter who left their purses downstairs in the kitchen so, the 3 mothers decided to go through their daughters purses, The red head goes through her daughters purse and finds a small bottle of alcohol. She says "oh my god!" my daughter drinks! the mother with brown hair goes through her daughters purse and finds ciggarettes she says "oh my god my daughter smokes!"the blonde goes through her daughters purse and finds a condom. she says "oh my god!! my daughters a man! lol.--------------------------------------a blonde watching the news hears that 2 brazzillian men died in a skydiving accident she cries and says "oh my god how many is a brazzilian"?--------------------------------------why was the blonde so exited when she finished the jigsaw puzzle in 6 months? because on the box it said 2-4 years--------------------------------------a blonde walks into pizza hut and askes for a small pizza. the pizza guy says do you want it cut in 6 slices or 12? the blonde says 6 i cant finish 12 :P--------------------------------------what do you do when a blonde throws a grenade? pull the pin and throw it back.--------------------------------------there was a blonde going to paint her wall during summer. it was really hot in her house and her air conditoner was broken so sh sat in the stuffy room and started to paint her husband came in and said im going to work ill be back at2 she says ok he heads out the doot. at 2 he come back he sees a small section of the wall painted and his wife laying on the floor sweating like crazy in 2 big heavy coats he says honey what are you doing? she says......"the box says for best results put on 2 coats"--------------------------------------Q: why cant a blonde dial 911?A: because she can't find 11--------------------------------------a blonde walks into a library. She walks up to the counter. SLAMS a book down and screams at the Librarian "this is the WORST book i've ever read! "it has no plot and fat too many characters" the librarian looks up and calmly remakrs "so you're the one who took our phone book.."--------------------------------------this is not a blonde jokewhat gets longer when pulled?fits between your boobs?inserts neatly in a hole?and works best when jerked?A SEAT BELT you pervet BUCKLE UP and pass it on.--------------------------------------a blonde walks into a pawn shop and tells the owner that she wants to buy a TV behind him and the owner tells her sorry we don't sell to blondes. so she goes outside and puts a redheaded wig and goes back in and the owner tells her sorry we don't sell to blondes. she goes outside again puts a brunette wig and goes back inside the store. She tells the owner she wanted the TV and the owner tells her sorry we dont sell to blondes she askes how do you know that im a blonde the owner tells her because thats not a TV its a microwave.

The first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Plane Crazy, was taken to New York by Mr. Disney. But the distributors were apathetic. Felix, the Cat was ruler of the cartoon field, and they saw nothing unusual in a mouse.

The parking fee at the four theme park lots is 14 for most vehicles campers and trailers are 15; buses and tractor trailers are 18. Parking is free, though, for guests staying at any of the on-site Disney Resorts your Key to the World card serves as your parking ticket, or who have a valid Annual Pass. The four theme park lots are huge, and are divided into subsections; this is to enable you to remember your cars location. To save you from having to walk the long distances, there are trams that will shuttle you from the parking lot to the park gates and back except in the case of the Magic Kingdom, where the tram will take you to the Transportation and Ticket Center, from which you may take the ferry or the monorail to the park.

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Many people ask : (Please help) Should I go to Disneyland tomorrow? read on..?
Here is the answer- So tomorrow I have the option to skip school and go to Disneyland, but i'm unsure. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment set up because I had a disaster last week dieng my hair and I don't want to wait much longer. That's what's making me so undecisive.Disneyland is my favorite place ever so you think this would be easy!Well, I'm going on my birthday next month on November 11 so I'm going soon.The only thing holding me back is:1) Im going in 2 weeks2) I have a hair appointment tomorrow that I will have to reschedule to saturday3) Skipping schoolBut then of course it's all for disneyland (: So should I go or no?So opinions please? Thank you!

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