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Frequently asked questions - Costume Party Dilemma!?
The answer is: So I have this costume party and the theme is a character from a musical. I'm thinking of doing Nala from Lion King because of my hair and everything. (if you have any other character suggestions that would be awesome too!) I can't find a good costume that wouldn't make me look like a cartoon character so I've decided to make my own since I have at least a month. How should I make this costume? I'm thinking of wearing a leotard and skirt or something to make it look more of something from the musical but I have no idea where to start, like with hair and makeup and everything) Can someone help?

Many people are interested - How do u handle this situation.--serious grown ppl?
The answer: im reposting i need more help sorry its long..thanks..Ok so me and my bf are like completely in love , we talk about marriage and kids and all that. We are a solid team and he's faithful and so am i. He's my best friend so we trust eachother. Bt the problem is here. He has 2 kids with an ex. She hates my guts and she's never ever met me, all she knows me from is pics she's stole from him. anyway. so he wants to be in kids life as much as possible and i respect that i mean who wouldnt? he and he have this hateful relationship where she doesnt let him see his kids or take them anywhere unless she goes too. she is like in love with him but obsessed like in a psycho way and her obsession is hurting us because in order for him to be able to be around his kids he has to put up with her sht and its so frustrating i've heard her so i he is trying to spend as much time on weekends with them since he goes to college and works ( im out of town so its nt like im there to take up time ) so weekends i work and he's over there with them, no problem but this morning he told me that he wants to start taking trips and doing things tht the kids can remember not as a family like that bt since they are young he can't handle both of them and so she needs to be there too. and i dont kno why but it got me mad and jealous bc he's taking her, and not me and i know that she's their mom and im not but its like if hes gonna be going away and making memories shouldnt I be there? like i knw there's not a chance for him and her to get back so its nt about him and her being alone, its just i feel isolated and it made me think into the future like is this what its gona be like? i get put to the side when THEY do something for the kids? am i gonna be in pictures alone and he's gonna be at disneyland with HER and the kids? like i dont knw has anyone ever been thru this? how did u handle it? and i cant say NO bc its nt my place , those are his kids and they are #1 but i feel like she's gettin a higher spot than me and she doesnt deserve to spend any time with him. she hates me bc i have him and him bc he doesnt want her , i dont know, help?the reason why i don't go its bc she doesnt want me around her kids n his kids talk so she asks them you know and if they tell her that I was there then she wont let him see them.. and the reason she's gona b there is cuz they are young and he can't handle them at the same time. and whats upsetting me is that I was completely ruled out like he made plans to do all this in the summer and whatever but he never asked me how i felt or anything like if i was ok with it. its just so frustrating, also they we're never married or in love it was one of those.. "accidents" and yes it happened 2x i know i know bt its nt like he has any feelings for her but she is obsessed and doesnt respect that IM in his life and not her. i dont kno, has anyone gone thru this?? how'd u deal with it.?

Questions for new users : Have you stayed at the Disneyland Resort hotels? What would u reommend?
We think that- I know that the Grand Californian is the most money, and Paradise Peir is least expensive, with the Disneyland Hotel falling in the middle. But if you have stayed at more than one, is it worth paying more money for the others? We are only going to be there 2 nights, but I am not sure how to go about selecting a hotel. We have stayed at the budget hotels before, which I enjoy, but this is a special trip for my daughters 5th b-day. If you can comment on the use of the monorail to get into the park vs walking and the distance of the monorail from the parks, that would be very helpful. Thanks so much. I got a few responses when I posted this question yesterday, but I would really like to get more responses.

The Narnia Skirmishes: C. S. Lewis and His Christianity-Laced Chronicles Have Always Invited Interpretation and Controversy. Disneys Movie Version Wont Change That. New York Times Magazine, pp. 98-101, November 2005

We go to Disneyland about once a year with our now 9 year olds. We have stayed at several different resorts including one of the Disney places.

People often ask - I need family-oriented images?
The answer: I am desining a bulletin board at my school focused on 'family,' one of our core values. I used to use photobucket to search for my images, but the district just blocked it as of yesterday. Are there any similar sites I might be able to go to, or do you have any family-oriented images you could send me a link for? Out of the ones I found so far, my favorites are of Disney movie families, like Lilo and Stitch, and things like that. Thanks!

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Best of Walt Disney World: Happy 40th Birthday Magic Kingdom!

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