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Like they said on that video on YouTube, why did she wait 2 years to file? Did she have a police report? No! Was ANYONE at Disney told about this? Maybe. I think the judge needs to throw this case out, or fine the lawyer and plaintiff for wasting everyones time and money!

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Critics Consensus: In its first non-Pixar CGI venture, Disney expends more effort in the technical presentation than in crafting an original storyline.

Frequently asked questions : How do i make my own cartoon for little kids and how do you contact little kids shows like nick jr.?
We think that: Okay, ive been wanting to make my own cartoon for a few years, and i was wanting to know how to do it without making a flip-book or making clay figures, also do you know how to contact nick jr. or little kids animated shows? im gonna try to go to AB-Tech collage and take classes on cartooning in a couple of years. I don't want my cartoon to look like it was made 50yrs. ago i want it to look really real for a animation. My cartoon was going to be about a family of tigers (who i want to specially design) that live in a animal world and go on adventures every day (that i also wanna specially design). Can you tell me step-by-step how to do this?

By 1935, Mickey Mouse was an institution. Surprisingly, Walt Disney had resisted featuring his main star in color up to that point, reserving color for his Silly Symphonies. Read more

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