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This hotel is best for those who like a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Kids can enjoy rooms with bunk bed. Additional luxuries include ceiling fans, televisions with international channels, large rooms, telephone, radio and nice bathrooms. Western decor prevails in the rooms of this Disneyland Paris hotel. More information about hotels near Disneyland can be seen at the Disney Paris website.

Disneyland Fast Pass Tricks. The lines at Disneyland can negate the family-friendly aspect of this Anaheim, California, theme park, but there are ways to avoid

Many people ask - Please please help . All advice?
We think that: K. Me my family and my boyfriend are going to go to disneyland for my 19th birthday and with my family this will be the last vaction we will share together. Anyways we are staying the night at my grandmas condo at the beach for the night. I really want it to be a night we all wont forget . What are great movies to rent or fun stuff to do ? All ideas . Thank you and please dont be rude . Have a nice day.

People often ask : Disneyland: Going for the 1st time. Only have 2 days. Should I do a park a day or get hopper passes?
The answer is- I'm trying to figure out if I need to pay extra for the hopper feature. I was planning to just do Disneyland one day and California Adventure the next. If you have been there, do you think I am going to wish I had the hopper pass?

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