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The CLIF BAR Pace Team will be returning as this year s official Walt Disney World Marathon and Walt Disney World Half Marathon Pace Team.

Frequently asked questions : A Twilight Movie Parody?
Here is the answer- Hi, I was wondering if you would comment on the start of my parody. I have the book finished and it has 10 chapters all in. I have set up a blog type thing if you want to read all the book and share with your friends. PLEASE NOTE- I AM NOT BEING OFFENSIVE TO S.MEYER OR THE FANS. I ENJOYED THE BOOKS BUT THIS IS A PAROIDY OF THE MOVIE (IT DIDN'T DO THE BOOK JUSTICE)This is the start of the book-I donít know why I insisted on bringing the cactus all the way to Spoons but I did. I mean, there is no sun here whatsoever. How would the poor thing thrive? It was the only reminder of back home and even though I had lived in Phoenix since I was four, I never had a tan.Strange, maybe it was so I would fit in if I accidently fell in love with the mystery guy at school and he turned out to be a vampire and all his family were pale marble like creatures. Yes, that was it. I never had a tan because I had to fit in here, I mean how would his parents feel if he brought home an oompa loompa? I thought back to how grateful I was that my great, great, great grandmother had the Ďalbinoí gene.The good thing about moving here was, my dad Gordon, didnít like to hoover. Thatís the English word for, vacuum. Yes, Iím smart too. Back home, mom, would always rugby tackle me to the floor if I even dared try to vacuum. She liked the noise the cleaner made. It distracted her from the voices in her head.I was taken from my thoughts when my dad entered the room claiming he had a present for me. I didnít know why he was trying to act like a father now he hadnít bothered buying me a present in two whole weeks.Beauty, come downstairs I have a surprise for you,Ē he said.My mom named me after her favorite book, ĎBlack Beauty.í She tells everyone when I was born my face reminded her of a horse. Thatís not the truth though she named me after her favorite Disney Princess, ĎBelle from Beauty and the Beastí. Mom just liked to joke she could read to her friends.When I reached the drive, a bright orange truck sat where my dadís hot dog van should have been. Gordon was the local chief of meals on wheels and had been for the last eleven years. He was highly respected round these parts. The first year didnít go great when he accidentally knocked down an old lady crossing the road but since then he had a clean record and everyone looked up to him.

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Lets face it; we all want to travel. The elite can do so in style because they have the money to spend; while the members of the middle-class travel smart. The middle-class constantly explores means to visit foreign land and enjoy the culture without digging a hole in their pockets. They are open to the idea of travel packages; hence, they are on a constant look-out for affordable Disneyland Paris packages.

Many people ask : Who is your favourite disney character of all time?
The answer: which disney character did you like the most,? from tv,movies any time and any place?!who was your favourite?

A Bug s Land opens in Disney California Adventure park, drawing inspiration from the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film A Bug s Life. The new land is designed especially for kids.

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* DONALD DUCKS BOAT * WALK-THRU @ DISNEYLAND Cartoon Mickey Mouse Roger Rabbit TOONTOWN Walt Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World - A Dream Called (1981)

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